Everett’s New Room Design

After discussing the logistics of Everett’s bedroom, or bed rather, Nick and I decided to keep the queen bed from the guest room and make it his new bed. It saved us about $700 and we figured, that way when my mom comes to visit (or any quest), they can still have a bed to sleep in. Anyway, did you know its really difficult to find kids sheets in a queen size? Pretty much the only store that carries them is Pottery Barn Kids. I took Everett with me on a special trip to the mall so he could pick out his sheets. I told him he got to pick out one set, and I picked out the other set. Can you tell which set he picked?


Marvel Sheet Set        |         Emily & Meritt Bandit Sheet Set

With a little tweaking to the original design and incorporating the mountains I painted… TA-DA! Reveal photos to come soon.


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