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Baby Bump: Week 38


Well we are still hanging in there. I thought for sure he would come this week, but he must be pretty cozy in there! He sure kicks me like he wants out… so we will see about this next week. My contractions are getting stronger, some even hurt and I have to start my lamaze breathing techniques. They aren’t very consistent though, thats when things are supposed to really get going.

I had my last day at Paper Source for maternity leave. I think the girls were afraid my water was going to break while at work, so we decided to cut it a few weeks early. I don’t blame them, plus I can rest and get some more organization done around the house {ie. nesting}.

We had our class, “Happiest Baby on the Block” and it was very informative on how to calm a crying baby after you have already fed them and changed their diaper. They give you a DVD to watch on how to do the techniques and I feel like its making me more confident with calming an infant. If you haven’t seen the video, I suggest getting it {its a little dated, but these techniques have been known to work 100% of the time}.

On Saturday, Nick’s cousin Chris was married to his high school sweetheart, Angela and we had the pleasure of attending their beautiful wedding in Boulder, CO. I’m so glad we made it! My nephew Corbin was the ring-bearer and he was just the cutest little thing! He was a party-animal and wanted to stay all night and dance with the other kids, so adorbs! Congratulations to Chris & Angela McGee! We had such a great time! Here’s a few photos:

2014-06-28 17.44.47 2014-06-29 09.31.40 2014-06-29 09.30.092014-06-28 18.54.44


I’m so ready to have this little guy! We are so close…c’mon baby E! We can’t wait to meet you!


Baby Bump: Week 37


Every day we get closer and closer to the big arrival! The end of our pregnancy is very near and both Nick and I are feeling it… preparing and realizing we are soon-to-be parents. We couldn’t be more excited! The nursery is ready, our bags are packed, the carseat is in the car, we have more “baby stuff” than we know what to do with and are so thankful for all of the support we have received.

I’ve been trying to get as much rest as possible. Enjoying the luxury of sleeping in and taking long afternoon naps. We try and take evening walks on a regular basis and my closet selection is becoming very limited… mostly down to only maxi dresses, t-shirts and comfy shorts. Thats definitely all I want to wear anyway! Other than carrying this giant watermelon on the front of me, I actually feel pretty great!

Who knows… my next post might just be the first photos of our little man! I can’t wait!


Baby Bump: Week 36


Only 4 weeks to go! We are getting close! I met with the doctor just the other day and she said he’s ready… any day now! I’m already 1 cm dilated and my mucus plug fell out {if you don’t know what that is… you can look it up. It’s a little TMI for non-mom ears}. They say about 2-3 weeks from that point… so get ready for this little man, he might not wait much longer!

He’s starting to get heavy. I pretty much hold my belly wherever I go and of course, getting up and down has it’s challenges. Forget bending over! Although, if I absolutely have to, I look like a sumo-wrestler in stance for a match.

Our bags are packed and we took a tour of the hospital so that we know where to go. We had a class on Infant Care, learning how to swaddle, bathe, wipe and all the ins & outs of taking care of our little one. I definitely suggest taking as many classes as you can when preparing for your first baby because you think you have a clue… but you don’t! haha!


We made the mobile:

2014-06-05 19.52.47 2014-06-05 19.53.03


…and Installed the carseat/bases:

carseatcarseatcarseat carseat


We are ready!!!