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Friday Finds: Bump Nest

I don’t know how pregnant women sleep without a pregnancy pillow! This is a MUST-HAVE from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through! This isn’t just any pillow, it is specifically made to shape your ever-changing body and help you sleep.

I found this site through Lexi at The Proper Pinwheel {see post here}. I ordered the Pacific Peacock cover, although if you want, you can add more covers to your order.

Bumpnest Photo Bumpnest Photo 1

The price is a little more than the other pillows, but its worth it! What sold me with bumpnest vs. some of the other brands is the fact that the pillow is machine washable along with the other features listed here:

Bumpnest InfoBumpnest Info


I’ve had the pillow now for 2 months and LOVE it! I would suggest getting an extra cover, so that when you wash one, you can instantly put on the other in case you need a nap.