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California Baby Shower

At 34 weeks I flew out to California for my second baby shower, thrown by my two best friends {from middle/high school}, Laura Lee & Marie Bourns at Marie’s beautiful home in Riverside. Lets just say I was completely blown away by what these two wonderful ladies planned for me and my little E and I am beyond words as to how beautiful and enjoyable the day was! Marie’s yard was just completed a few days before and looked amazing. Every detail was planned to a T, I just couldn’t get over the hand painted vases and little animals, the beautiful flowers and potted plants for party favors. They truly went above and beyond and a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who came and was involved.

Thank you to Balboa Photography for the event photos. They always do an amazing job!


The guestbook was the little picture with balloons, everyone writes their name on a balloon and attaches it to the picture.. I just LOVE IT!


I also loved the – write on a diaper some words of wisdom – so when we are up in the middle of the night changing a diaper, we can read them. So cute!


Our baby photos on display. Nick is the top row and I am the bottom row. It was so cute to see us both that little and get an idea of what little E is going to look like.


Everyone guessed the birth date, weight and length… we will see who wins!


These little bottle trophies were made for first, second and third place winners. ADORABLE!


A delicious salad bar was made with all different types of salads. It was amazing! Even my grandma made her famous Frog-Eyed Salad… Delish!


Banana Cream Pie is my fav… so they made these individual desserts… Yumm!


… and Laura drove all the way to Redlands to get me Macarons! She’s the best!


I was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts… WOW! We got everything on our list! I couldn’t be more thankful!


Look at these adorable little ones! They were precious!


Laura made me cry… in a good way of course! These girls are so special to me and even though we live 1,000 miles away from each other, when we are together its as if we haven’t spent a day apart! They are amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!


We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves and everyone explained how they know me. Its sort of funny because 50% of the guests I’ve known since Elementary school and through church growing up… it’s wonderful how these lifelong friends have influenced my life. I am forever grateful!


I love my grandma! She is the strongest woman I know and is such an inspiration to me. I can’t wait for her to meet her new Great-Grandson!


I love these girls!


I love our bumps! Laura is due in September with a baby girl! Little Gracie is going to be a big sister and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jeremiah! XOXO!


We played a trivia game – How well do you know the parents – there were a few that started to get competitive. Haha it was fun!4950515253

My mom started crying… of course! Do you blame her? She’s about to become a Grandma!


Baby bingo was played while I opened gifts! {I love baby bingo!}


I received so many amazing things including this blanket handmade by my Grandma. It’s so special to me, I can’t wait to wrap little E up in it!

Again, thank you to everyone! This journey has been amazing and such a special time of my life! I cannot wait to see what joy this baby boy will bring to Nick and I as we start this adventure of parenthood together. Wish us luck!


Photography: Balboa Photography

Party Rentals {Tent, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Dishes, Flatware}: A&H Rents