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Baby Stewart’s Nursery

The Nursery is finally done, and so are the photos! I’ve been asked for photos since I got pregnant and I apologize for taking so long, but it has been a process. There are so many adorable nursery styles and themes out there, but the thing that sold me was the faux deer head! I originally wanted the big one {this one} for over the crib, but when thinking about the mobile and collage wall, I went a slightly different route. I’m calling this theme: “Woodland Meets Geometric” or “Whimsical Woodland”.

The colors for the nursery was the easiest and surprisingly the first thing I picked out. My fav colors are mint and gray and have been for over a year {yes, they change frequently}. I knew they would be perfect for a little boy’s nursery, so once we found out the gender of our little one, I quickly got to work! I picked the paint color first {which is actually an interior design no-no}, but I found this muted mint color and fell in love. Interior Design 101 – Designing around a paint color is so much more difficult than picking a paint color to match your decor. Luckily enough, I found the bedding that would coordinate perfectly and the rest came together.

StewartNursery_01 StewartNursery_02

We ordered the rocker and that took {what seamed like} FOREVER! I wanted something that both Nick and I would be comfortable in and could plan on sleeping in, if needed. Whats great about this chair {and well worth the price} is it is a “convertible rocker” – basically, the rocker legs come off and stationary legs go on, to make the chair great for our living room years down the road.

Originally, I was going to make the curtains, but then realized the task was much bigger than any You-Tube Sewing tutorial I could learn off of, so I found some others I liked just as much {pre-made} here.

I had my eye on the silver leather pouf online for months… one day I walked into ZGallerie and they had this one – ON SALE – plus 50% off! What a steal! That was an exciting day for sure!

The mobile above the rocker is little silver planes and this hung in my Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom for as long as I can remember. It’s so special to me and reminds me of them, I knew I had to include it in my little boy’s nursery!


I came across this little Mustache pillow on the clearance rack at Paper Source. A totally random find, but I loved it so had to have it! Gotta have a Mustache in my Little Man’s room.


The dresser is a vintage dresser that was actually my mom’s when she was a baby. Then I used it when I was a baby, and my brother as well. Between storage and a few other households in the family, its been well taken care of and was in great shape. We just had it repainted and it looks fab!


I found these adorable little wooden owl knobs at Hobby Lobby with 50% off, talk about perfect, right? I <3 them!

StewartNursery_06 StewartNursery_07

We got so many books from our showers that I had to put them on display! I love reading books to little kids and can’t wait to read to my own!


I’ve had these blocks forever, I bought them years ago on Etsy as newborn photo props and decided to display them in the nursery as well with his initials. I’m not giving away his name to the internet world yet… we will announce it when he’s born!

StewartNursery_09 StewartNursery_10

I found this idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it, although they did wood burning and I just wanted to write on them. After a witch hunt to find these wooden plaques, I found them at Michaels of all places {thank you Whitney}! Both Nick and I decided on two Bible verses and I went to work.



I had been looking for a big “E” to hang in with this collection and actually found this one at the A Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove from a vendor that makes his own furniture. Such a great score!


The crib and changing table are Pottery Barn Kids. I originally had another crib picked out on, then got a PBK catalog in the mail with this crib ON SALE, and was actually cheaper than the one I had picked out. Knowing the quality of PBK and the sale price, we couldn’t resist! I loved how gender-neutral it is so we can reuse it for however many times we need to and its pretty modern, which is what we were looking for.


The mobile was definitely a project and I loved that Nick helped me strategically plan this thing out so that the antler and each ornament spin, making it a realistic mobile. The antler is kind of heavy, so we had to make sure it was tied up really well and don’t worry… it is! The antler is from ZGallerie and the ornaments, I found on Etsy {they made the owl one special just for me}.


Who doesn’t love a JellyCat Woodland Owl? He’s so soft and precious, I just couldn’t resist!


I immediately fell in love with this bedding because it has all of my colors and I love the triangles, but I’m a little disappointed with the shop I bought it from, because it took 3 promises of delivery, and didn’t happen… this is why this post is delayed. Anyway, my suggestion is to find a fabric that you like and try to make them yourself! Thats what I’m going to do next time! Remember: no bumpers and frou frou fabric or blankets, pillows, etc… SIDS is a very serious occurrence that can happen and your babies can suffocate… they say nothing in the crib but the flat sheet for at least the first year of life. {Obviously we will take the stuffed animal out when he arrives}.


The changing table, we actually found on Craigslist and purchased it from this wonderful couple who didn’t need it anymore. {Thank God for Craigslist!}


I loved organizing the closet. We had talked about re-doing the whole thing to have shelves and lots of storage, etc. but honestly, we have enough work to do around here. I found this idea on Pinterest to buy the Ikea bookshelf and that helped out a lot. We’ll take it for now!


VOILA! It’s finally finished and ready for our little guy to come and enjoy it! We can’t wait!



A great way to figure out a design is to create a storyboard… here’s mine:

Boy Nursery_2

 1. Silver Deer Head  |  2. Paint  |  3. Real Wood Plaque  |  4. Print & Frame  |  5. Jellycat Owl

6. Silver Deer Antler  |  7. Real Wood Creature Ornaments  |  8. Crib  |  9. Sheets  |  10. Owl Knobs

11. Wingback Convertible Rocker  |  12. Mustache Pillow {Paper Source}  |  13. Baskets

14. Silver Leather Poof {Z Gallerie} |  15. White Faux Rug  |  16. Trash Can



Baby Bump: Week 30


Well I’m officially ¾ the way through! I’m a little late on this post this week because I’ve been working like a mad man and haven’t had a second to take my photo. But we are leaving to go out of town this weekend, so this week and next week are combined :).

I definitely think the “good night sleep” days are officially over. I’ve been waking up every night not only having to pee, but with weird half-awake/half-asleep dreams, shortness of breath and hot flashes. It doesn’t help either with the weather changing, as a few nights were in the 70’s and we had to run the air conditioner. I just make up for the sleepless nights with naps during the day, which have been happening on a regular basis. {Chant: “I love naps”! “I love naps”!}

We graduated from somersaults to punching, kicking and rolling over in my belly. One side of my belly will really bump-out and become hard, I think its his butt sticking out. Its crazy because you can push on it and feel him move.

Nick had his “Daddy Bootcamp” class and learned so much! He had so much to tell me about, things I didn’t even know, so its definitely a good thing he went! Our next class is the breastfeeding class and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. Then we have the Birth Preparation class next Saturday. Fun fun fun!

My doctor visits have gone from once a month to every 2 weeks. I’m really sad the ultrasounds are no-longer as I love seeing my little guy. But they say its a good thing as they only do ultrasounds in the 3rd trimester when they think something might be wrong… so its bittersweet! I guess the next time I “see” him, will be in person and that will be worth it all!

I’ve been working on the nursery like its my job! I really want it DONE by June 1st, so we have no worries about it if he comes early. The baby dresser is finished being re-finished and the rocker FINALLY came! I’m so excited as its really starting to come together!

2014-05-02 13.00.57 2014-05-04 12.37.53

We still have a lot to do. Nick needs to replace the trim around the doors, window sills and finish the base boards. In the meantime, I’m working on the adorable collage going on the wall above the dresser and making the mobile above the crib. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Find of the week: wood carved owl drawer knobs from Hobby Lobby at 50% off! Wait until you see them on the dresser… AMAZING!

2014-05-08 12.50.05

Counting down the days… only 63 days to go {thats if he arrives on his due date}.


Baby Bump: Week 29


Our little guy is mostly just growing now, gaining fat and bulking up. I have really slowed down this week. I will have a list of all of these errands and chores to do and can’t even get half way through without pooping out. The doc says everything is on track and I’m actually “under” weight, which I find hard to believe. Especially when I see the photos from last week to this week and how much bigger my belly is. I’m definitely eating every 2-3 hours as I’m hungry all the time, I just can’t eat a ton at one time.

Its getting a lot harder to bend over and pick things up. Especially trying to get dressed and reaching down to put my pants on – very difficult! Forget about trying to trim my toe nails… its pedicures from here on out!

One of the most unbearable things this week has been the heartburn I’m experiencing. It would pretty much start with the first thing I eat or drink in the morning until I go to bed at night. It was absolutely horrible. I started taking some heartburn medicine and it has helped a ton! Thank goodness!

Did someone say Kankles? LOL, yes, I officially have kankles and my feet are swollen. I can’t fit into more than half of my shoes {sad day!} but my most wonderful mom took me shoe shopping and I was able to get some new great ones! Time to put my feet up and keep them elevated.

Even though I wouldn’t say Pregnancy is easy by any means, just feeling him move around and knowing he is on his way is pure joy!

Nick and I put together the crib and had a “moment” of reality {yes, we held each other and cried with joyful tears}.

2014-04-26 22.44.41 2014-04-26 22.44.57

The room is starting to come together. The dresser and bassinet we are using were actually my mom’s when she was a baby and then both my brother and I had them when we were babies. They both needed a new paint job, so they are being refinished by The Little Black Chair here in Centennial, CO. They will be ready to be picked up on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see them!

Here are the before photos:

2014-02-06 13.12.25


2014-04-09 21.12.15

Then, I finally got an update on my rocker I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids in January. It’s been a nightmare of a process as it originally said 8-10 weeks, and then I got a message for delivery in June {not happy!}. Finally, I got a call that they are delivering it this Sunday, hurray! I sure hope so as I am eager to get it!



I had my shower in Colorado today and it was so much fun!! I feel so blessed with the amount of friends and family I have that support us and our little man. Everyone is so excited and it shows with the huge amount of gifts I received. {Photos to come}.

This experience of pregnancy and starting a family is amazing and I’m loving every minute of it!


The Crib

After much back and forth about cribs… do we get a convertible? how much should we spend? what color? etc… Here were our thoughts:

PRICE: We figured around $300-$400 was a good “middle of the road” price range for cribs. They start at $100 {IKEA} and go to over $1,000 {Layla Grayce} including the much-drooled-over Kardashian Acrylic Crib of $4,000 {Nursery Works} YIKES! It definitely needs to be safe, but you can get a safe crib at a decent price.

CONVERTIBLE: There are cribs that convert to a toddler bed, and some that go all the way to a full or queen bed. I think the 4-in-1 are great if you are having one child and/or are limited on space for storage. Personally, I don’t like the 4-in-1 option because I couldn’t find a crib where I loved the “headboard” and “footboard” conversion. Plus, we are planning on having more kids {don’t quote me on this until after our first child is born}, so I thought it was best to buy ONE crib, that can be used for all of our children. The plan would be, once our first is out of the toddler bed, then we will buy him a twin/kids bed and use the crib for the next one. With this thinking, I wanted a crib that is gender-neutral, simple and timeless.

On the internet, this was my first choice: The Babyletto Hudson Crib in White. I have seen it ALL over Pinterest {see my Nursery Design board} and thought it was simple, timeless, has clean lines and is so cute! Once Nick and I saw it in person, we thought it actually looked kind of cheap… and for a $400 crib, we just didn’t feel right about it.


Our second choice was The Babyletto Mercer Crib in White, which we did see in person and thought it was so much better in quality and construction than the Hudson. Although, I wasn’t IN LOVE with the drawer at the bottom… it would save on having to buy a crib skirt, which can get pricey!


We were ready to buy the Mercer, when I got a catalog for Pottery Barn Kids and the Kendall Crib was on sale for $399 {from $599} and I thought that was a GREAT DEAL! I ended up having a coupon for 15% off too, so that saved even more! It actually came out cheaper then either of the other cribs… so it pays to wait for a great deal!



Hurray! We picked it up, but won’t put it together until we paint. I cannot wait to see it in our nursery! Stay tuned for photos.