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My Must Have Baby Products: 2nd Month

This is a continuation from the 1st Month Products:

  1. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper – a good friend of mine gave this to me after her boys used it. She said her oldest slept in it for 3 months because he had bad acid reflex.
  2. Baby Ears App by Dunstan Baby Language – I was so confused on my baby cries/sounds and this has helped so much! The first time I tried it, it worked! Nick was changing Rett and I went in there to assist. I heard him start “Eh, Eh, Eh” and I told Nick he needed to burp. He immediately put Rett up on his shoulder and out came a belch! Crazy! Then, when he woke up from his nap he started doing “Neh, Neh” and I knew he was hungry! This app is $2.99 and worth every cent!!! Now I can understand my baby!
  3. PeePee TeePee’s {for boys of course!} – I forgot to put these in the last post, so here they are. I actually just ordered my second set. They get washed so much a few of them fell apart, but they are worth it! At first, I didn’t like them because they fall off so easily when Rett kicked his legs. Now that he’s a little more calm when we change him, they stay put. Also, I learned to hold the teepee on him while I clean him up {multitasking} and if he pee’s, the teepee will hold the pee. We were using a wipe to cover him, so if he pees it wouldn’t shoot over everything, but then it runs down the sides of him and makes a hug mess. Great invention!
  4. Infant Gum Cleanser & Finger Brush – my dentist said this would be good to start since so many kids fight brushing their teeth so much! He said once our little one gets his first tooth, make sure to clean it thoroughly and a lot! The breast milk builds up on it and its so easy to start plaque buildup.
  5. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer – Rett LOVES this thing! He will be screaming and we put him in this and bounce it with our toes and he starts “Coo”-ing! Its awesome! He will even nod off in it…
  6. Bottle & Nipple Brush – This is great for cleaning bottles and nipples and even has a stand for the counter. I almost want to get a second one, we use it like 10 times a day!
  7. Dapple Dish Soap – We use this fragrance free dish soap to wash all bottles, nipples and accessories. Do this before sanitizing in the Medela steam bags.
  8. Wipe Warmer – This thing is amazing! Except Rett gets used to it and then when we are out traveling and use the regular wipes, he doesn’t like that very much. lol. Better than him screaming in the middle of the night though! Most of the time now he will smile while I change him, its super cute!
  9. Great Breast Pumping Info – This link explains it all! After exclusively pumping for about a month now… this link gave me so much info!
  10. Arm & Hammer Disposable Changing Pads – We put these on top of the changing table because our little guy pees almost every time we change him. This saves washing our changing pad cover every 10 minutes. If you have a little one that frequently goes potty while you are changing them, I definitely suggest these!
  11. Fleece Sleep Sacks – Halo sleep sack {sleeveless} and Carter’s Sleepbag {long sleeve} We take these to daycare for Rett to sleep in. Sounds like they are working great so far!
  12. InchBug Orbit Labels – these things are awesome and are much needed when going to daycare. Order them custom with their name and put them on bottles, sippy cups, snack containers, etc. to keep them separate from the other kid’s.
  13. Fingernail Clippers – these are great with the light so you can see exactly where you are cutting. I try and cut his nails while he is still in the carseat asleep when we get home from being out somewhere.
  14. Baby Trend Bouncer – a friend of ours gave us this thing too and its great! Rett loves the vibrating feature, its very soothing for him. We have a monkey one but the first three shown in this search is just like it, and I believe you can find one at Walmart.
  15. Infant Tylenol – You will need this when your little one goes to get their 2 mo shots. Be prepared, its brutal but mostly for the parents. Luckily our nurse gave them to him really quickly, but that was the first time I saw Rett have real tears and it tore me up. I cried with him! Mom’s just be right there with them and be ready to hold them tightly when its all done. They might be sore for the first 24 hours, but then he was perfectly fine and doesn’t remember a thing!

My Must Have Baby Products: 1st Month

I have put together a list of my Must Have Baby Products for the 1st Month and why they were needed! I definitely recommend registering for these items or picking them up before your little one is born!

  1. Car Seat – you must have one already installed in your car in order to take your newborn home from the hospital. Make sure the carseat fits before you purchase! I believe you can go to Babies R Us and test them in your car {I did not do this, but was told you can and I think this is smart as not all carseats fit in every car}. We got the Chicco KeyFit 30 in Graphica along with a second base, so we have bases in both cars. Then we got the Chicco KeyFit Caddy Stroller Frame for the carseat to fit into and its GREAT! Most hospitals will check the carseat installation for you, although you can also take it to any fire station and they will check it as well.
  2. Boppy – I absolutely love my Boppy! I didn’t take it to the hospital with me the first time, but the second time we went in, I brought it and realized how much I needed it. I suggest taking it to the hospital with you, just make sure you wash the cover RIGHT when you get home!
  3. Boppy Newborn Lounger – This thing is a MUST in my household! We plop it right in the center of our ottoman and Rett will just sit there and look around. Or if you need to set them down quickly for a minute, this thing is portable and so convenient!
  4. Piano Gym – Rett loves this thing! We put him on this for about 10 minutes a day. It’s also great for tummy time! Although, once you are in the 5 week time frame, I guess babies’ nervous system is developing and they go on sensory overload, so limited their activity during that time.
  5. Pack n Play – this thing is a God-send! At first, I wasn’t sure I “needed” one… but now that Rett has to sleep at an incline, this Pack n Play with the Newborn Lounger has saved us!
  6. Aden & Anais Swaddles – These have been great for the summer, they are lightweight and easy to use. Rett doesn’t like being swaddled all the time, so we just swaddle him at night.
  7. Aden & Anais Bibs – I use these as burp cloths, but they can also be used as bibs around the baby’s neck when they get a little older.
  8. Aden & Anais Blankets – I love this set and during the summer have used these in the carseat. They are lightweight, but are great and easy to tuck into the sides of the carseat to cover them up.
  9. Footed PJs or “Sleep & Plays” – I really like these ones from Carters and definitely try and get the zipper ones, not the button ones as they are much easier to work with in the middle of the night when you are half asleep and you have to change their diaper.
  10. Cloth Diapers as burp cloths – These work wonders as burp cloths! We also use them to lay down underneath him so that when he has a blowout, it doesn’t get all over his loungers. For a while, we were using these on the changing pad too, so the “cute” changing pad cover didn’t get ruined.
  11. Monitor – we LOVE this monitor and would definitely recommend it to anyone! The picture is great, it has night vision and it has a mode where it turns on when they make sound up to a certain level. We also have a sound monitor but our little guy is so noisy, it keep us up all night thinking he’s waking up. It tilts and zooms, so you can get just the right picture and also mounts on the wall.
  12. Butt Paste vs. Desitin Cream – We love both of these creams. We use the Butt Paste as a preventative for diaper rash, so an every-day use. The Desitin is Extra Strength, so when Rett actually has diaper rash, we use that and its gone by the next diaper change!
  13. Nursing Tanks – these are a must have! This is what I wore in the hospital once I was out of my gown and they work so well for breastfeeding and hanging out!
  14. Humidifier – this humidifier works great and looks cool too! Living in Colorado with this dry climate, we have to have a humidifier for our little guy!
  15. Saline Drops & Nose Sucker – they should give you a nose sucker at the hospital, but if not they can be found at a Walmart or Target. Everett started getting boogers right away, and the only way to get them out was to use the saline drops to soften them, then use the nose sucker to suck them out. Poor guy could hardly breathe at times, so this definitely helps!
  16. Gripe Water – this is an herbal supplement that can ease tummy ache for hiccups or colic. We use this just about every day if he gets hiccups {and they are bad hiccups!} or if we just know his tummy isn’t turning right… sometimes he has stopped crying right away. It’s great and non-medicated with ginger and fennel.
  17. Thermometer – the doctor had us check his temperature every day the first 2 weeks of life, so this came in handy. We also got a regular thermometer from the hospital which is supposed to work better… but you have to shove it in their armpit and Rett hated it, plus it takes forever to get a reading.
  18. Laundry Detergent – we use Tide Free & Gentle and it works great! Do not use Dreft, as it doesn’t get poop stains out very well. I also use OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover and it helps get stains out that have set.
  19. Uddercovers – These work great if nursing in public! I’m not really sure about other covers, but these have a plastic band at the top, that holds the fabric out from your chest so you can watch your baby without anyone else seeing. Genius!
  20. Carseat Canopy – we use this thing non-stop! Its great for traveling when Rett takes a nap… that way he’s not bothered by the light. I have the gray chevron and LOVE it!
  21. Diaper Bag: I definitely wanted a diaper bag that my husband was comfortable carrying around, if needed. So we got the Skip Hop Messenger bag. Here’s whats recommended to keep inside: 10 diapers, wipes, 3 onesies/outfits, swaddle blanket, pacifier, Desitin/Buttpaste, burp cloth, outerwear {if cold}, arm & hammer diaper bags, Uddercover. We also keep our booklet from the Pediatrician in there for Rett’s checkups.
  22. Boon Grass – this thing is A-MAZING and oh-so-stylish! We just keep it on the counter for drying bottles, pacifiers and bottle accessories. I also have the twig and flower, and you definitely need both with the amount of lids and nipples that need drying. Plus, this elevates the accessories to leave room for bottle below. I’m obsessed with the Boon products!
  23. Sleep Sheeps – we have both the large one and travel one and use them both daily! They have great sounds that will help put baby straight to sleep. I have one attached to his changing table right next to the rocker, so when I’m rocking him I’ll turn it on and it helps keep it noisy. The second one I have attached to his sleep lounger and turn it on every time he sleeps. Love them!
  24. Fan – You want a noisy fan! I turn this thing on every time he sleeps and it works great. This helps to give them the soothing sounds of when he was inside mamas belly, as well as give you the freedom to be noisy and loud throughout the day. We have extremely squeaky  floors in our home as well as an obnoxiously barking dog, and he doesn’t hear a thing!
  25. Bathing:
  • Bath Tub – We have a large sink in our kitchen that is a single basin, so I knew this bathtub would fit perfectly in it. We fill the sink up with warm water and some bubble bath up to about his waist, and he fits perfectly comfortable in it with some room to grow.
  • Washcloths – I received these Geo Washcloths in Gray and love them! They also have some cute washcloth/towel sets at Target
  • Turtlemeter vs. “Hot” Rubber Ducky – MAKE SURE YOU GET THE Turtlemeter! You will need to have this to tell the EXACT temperature of the bath water. It turns Red when its too hot, and blue when its too cold… then green when its just right. It is imperative that you have the temperature to let you know that the bath water is between 95 and 102 degrees. If you get one of the Rubber Duckys, it doesn’t let you know how hot it actually is and you can burn your child.
  • Aveeno Soaps – I love the Calming Comfort Bath for the bubbles, and the Baby Wash and Shampoo to wash him. They work great and smell nice too!
  • Head scrubber – At the hospital, when the nurse gives your little on their first bath, they will use this little scrubber with a sponge on the other side. Definitely grab it to take home, or ask to take one home… the scrubber helps with cradle cap! Don’t use the sponge side as it collects germs.
  • Bath Wrap – Here is the matching bath towel to the washlcoths and its super cute! Our little guy gets wrapped, snuggled and dried in this thing and loves it!


  • Breast Pump – I have the Medela in Style Advanced Breast Pump … {this one comes with the starter kit bundle}. CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE before you buy yours… my insurance gave us the pump + 4 bottles with lids. Then, I went and bought all of the accessories and add-ons. Just get it all… I use the wipes when I’m traveling, the steam bags to sanitize, the cooler bag for travel, the storage bags for freezer storage, the slow flow nipples {get 2 packs of 3}, and the hands-free bra {get 2}.
  • How to Increase milk supply – the doctor told me to get Fenugreek, I got mine at Sprouts Farmers Market and take 3 capsules 3 times a day. Also, eat Oatmeal {not the instant kind}. On Sundays, I cook 4 servings of Oatmeal, split it up into bowls and refrigerate so they are ready to go during the week. All I need to do is heat it up, put a little bit if butter, brown sugar and milk in the morning. Another dish I make is this great Baked Oatmeal recipe my friend Tracie gave me and its delish! Although, I use regular milk, add fresh peaches and for the vegetable oil, I use half of that serving for canola oil and the other half for Natural Apple Sauce. Finally, drink tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of water. My mom tells me, “if your pee is yellow, you are not drinking enough water!”
  • Nursing vs. Pumping: I was so uncertain on knowing when to pump, while breastfeeding. I knew I wanted to start getting a stockpile, but I felt like if I pumped, then there wouldn’t be any left for Rett. I heard to pump 1 hour after he fed/1 hour before he ate}, and this worked sometimes… or pump right after you nurse. You might not get very much, but dont worry, it will come! Breastmilk is so on-demand… so if you nurse, then pump… your body will soon know it needs to produce twice as much. I waited the full 30 days to give Rett a bottle, but once I did he was getting it much faster so he primarily takes a bottle now and thats all. Every once in a while if I’m in a crunch or waiting for the bottle to warm, I will let him nurse… but he tends to get pissed off because he knows he can get it quicker from the bottle. I realize now, he wasn’t sleeping all that well because he wasn’t getting a full belly. There were some nights he was up every hour and I couldn’t figure it out. Maybe with the next child I will give the bottle sooner? At like 2 weeks? Who knows…

A little bit of advice:

The best advice I received before having Rett was from my friend Natalie, who said something like “the first month is survival mode” and it’s so true! You literally just learn as you go, so do what you can to survive! To go with that, I was also told “do what works for you”. Theres a ton of “do this” and “dont do that” out there… and honestly, if they need a pacifier in the first month to calm down, then give it to them!

During this time, don’t try and create a “schedule”, for most babies it just isn’t going to happen. Just go with the flow and hang in there!

Also, I would start to get all worked up about getting other stuff done. Just relax, look at your baby and say to yourself “this is the only thing that matters, this is the only thing I need right now, everything else can wait!”

Now, the only thing I get worked up about is lack of sleep… which is needed! Literally nap when they nap, sleep when they sleep! Even if its 3 times in the middle of the day. You will get to a point where even an hour of sleep is amazing! You will be sleep deprived, and it will sneak up on you. I’ve had a few days where Nick has come home and would say something as simple as “are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?” and I would start crying and go on about how I haven’t slept because Rett hasn’t slept all day and how does he expect me to get anything done, etc.! He would then take the baby and demand I go to bed. It’s rough stuff. I remember people telling me “oh, get ready for no sleep”… but literally NO SLEEP and its really hard! Nothing can prepare you for this, its just what happens.

Sign up for Lucie’s List. They give such great advice on whats happening with your  baby at the week they are at, and they have a great product list too! Another site I find myself constantly reading from, is Baby Guide…. download the app!


California Baby Shower

At 34 weeks I flew out to California for my second baby shower, thrown by my two best friends {from middle/high school}, Laura Lee & Marie Bourns at Marie’s beautiful home in Riverside. Lets just say I was completely blown away by what these two wonderful ladies planned for me and my little E and I am beyond words as to how beautiful and enjoyable the day was! Marie’s yard was just completed a few days before and looked amazing. Every detail was planned to a T, I just couldn’t get over the hand painted vases and little animals, the beautiful flowers and potted plants for party favors. They truly went above and beyond and a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who came and was involved.

Thank you to Balboa Photography for the event photos. They always do an amazing job!


The guestbook was the little picture with balloons, everyone writes their name on a balloon and attaches it to the picture.. I just LOVE IT!


I also loved the – write on a diaper some words of wisdom – so when we are up in the middle of the night changing a diaper, we can read them. So cute!


Our baby photos on display. Nick is the top row and I am the bottom row. It was so cute to see us both that little and get an idea of what little E is going to look like.


Everyone guessed the birth date, weight and length… we will see who wins!


These little bottle trophies were made for first, second and third place winners. ADORABLE!


A delicious salad bar was made with all different types of salads. It was amazing! Even my grandma made her famous Frog-Eyed Salad… Delish!


Banana Cream Pie is my fav… so they made these individual desserts… Yumm!


… and Laura drove all the way to Redlands to get me Macarons! She’s the best!


I was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts… WOW! We got everything on our list! I couldn’t be more thankful!


Look at these adorable little ones! They were precious!


Laura made me cry… in a good way of course! These girls are so special to me and even though we live 1,000 miles away from each other, when we are together its as if we haven’t spent a day apart! They are amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!


We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves and everyone explained how they know me. Its sort of funny because 50% of the guests I’ve known since Elementary school and through church growing up… it’s wonderful how these lifelong friends have influenced my life. I am forever grateful!


I love my grandma! She is the strongest woman I know and is such an inspiration to me. I can’t wait for her to meet her new Great-Grandson!


I love these girls!


I love our bumps! Laura is due in September with a baby girl! Little Gracie is going to be a big sister and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jeremiah! XOXO!


We played a trivia game – How well do you know the parents – there were a few that started to get competitive. Haha it was fun!4950515253

My mom started crying… of course! Do you blame her? She’s about to become a Grandma!


Baby bingo was played while I opened gifts! {I love baby bingo!}


I received so many amazing things including this blanket handmade by my Grandma. It’s so special to me, I can’t wait to wrap little E up in it!

Again, thank you to everyone! This journey has been amazing and such a special time of my life! I cannot wait to see what joy this baby boy will bring to Nick and I as we start this adventure of parenthood together. Wish us luck!


Photography: Balboa Photography

Party Rentals {Tent, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Dishes, Flatware}: A&H Rents


Baby Stewart’s Nursery

The Nursery is finally done, and so are the photos! I’ve been asked for photos since I got pregnant and I apologize for taking so long, but it has been a process. There are so many adorable nursery styles and themes out there, but the thing that sold me was the faux deer head! I originally wanted the big one {this one} for over the crib, but when thinking about the mobile and collage wall, I went a slightly different route. I’m calling this theme: “Woodland Meets Geometric” or “Whimsical Woodland”.

The colors for the nursery was the easiest and surprisingly the first thing I picked out. My fav colors are mint and gray and have been for over a year {yes, they change frequently}. I knew they would be perfect for a little boy’s nursery, so once we found out the gender of our little one, I quickly got to work! I picked the paint color first {which is actually an interior design no-no}, but I found this muted mint color and fell in love. Interior Design 101 – Designing around a paint color is so much more difficult than picking a paint color to match your decor. Luckily enough, I found the bedding that would coordinate perfectly and the rest came together.

StewartNursery_01 StewartNursery_02

We ordered the rocker and that took {what seamed like} FOREVER! I wanted something that both Nick and I would be comfortable in and could plan on sleeping in, if needed. Whats great about this chair {and well worth the price} is it is a “convertible rocker” – basically, the rocker legs come off and stationary legs go on, to make the chair great for our living room years down the road.

Originally, I was going to make the curtains, but then realized the task was much bigger than any You-Tube Sewing tutorial I could learn off of, so I found some others I liked just as much {pre-made} here.

I had my eye on the silver leather pouf online for months… one day I walked into ZGallerie and they had this one – ON SALE – plus 50% off! What a steal! That was an exciting day for sure!

The mobile above the rocker is little silver planes and this hung in my Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom for as long as I can remember. It’s so special to me and reminds me of them, I knew I had to include it in my little boy’s nursery!


I came across this little Mustache pillow on the clearance rack at Paper Source. A totally random find, but I loved it so had to have it! Gotta have a Mustache in my Little Man’s room.


The dresser is a vintage dresser that was actually my mom’s when she was a baby. Then I used it when I was a baby, and my brother as well. Between storage and a few other households in the family, its been well taken care of and was in great shape. We just had it repainted and it looks fab!


I found these adorable little wooden owl knobs at Hobby Lobby with 50% off, talk about perfect, right? I <3 them!

StewartNursery_06 StewartNursery_07

We got so many books from our showers that I had to put them on display! I love reading books to little kids and can’t wait to read to my own!


I’ve had these blocks forever, I bought them years ago on Etsy as newborn photo props and decided to display them in the nursery as well with his initials. I’m not giving away his name to the internet world yet… we will announce it when he’s born!

StewartNursery_09 StewartNursery_10

I found this idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it, although they did wood burning and I just wanted to write on them. After a witch hunt to find these wooden plaques, I found them at Michaels of all places {thank you Whitney}! Both Nick and I decided on two Bible verses and I went to work.



I had been looking for a big “E” to hang in with this collection and actually found this one at the A Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove from a vendor that makes his own furniture. Such a great score!


The crib and changing table are Pottery Barn Kids. I originally had another crib picked out on, then got a PBK catalog in the mail with this crib ON SALE, and was actually cheaper than the one I had picked out. Knowing the quality of PBK and the sale price, we couldn’t resist! I loved how gender-neutral it is so we can reuse it for however many times we need to and its pretty modern, which is what we were looking for.


The mobile was definitely a project and I loved that Nick helped me strategically plan this thing out so that the antler and each ornament spin, making it a realistic mobile. The antler is kind of heavy, so we had to make sure it was tied up really well and don’t worry… it is! The antler is from ZGallerie and the ornaments, I found on Etsy {they made the owl one special just for me}.


Who doesn’t love a JellyCat Woodland Owl? He’s so soft and precious, I just couldn’t resist!


I immediately fell in love with this bedding because it has all of my colors and I love the triangles, but I’m a little disappointed with the shop I bought it from, because it took 3 promises of delivery, and didn’t happen… this is why this post is delayed. Anyway, my suggestion is to find a fabric that you like and try to make them yourself! Thats what I’m going to do next time! Remember: no bumpers and frou frou fabric or blankets, pillows, etc… SIDS is a very serious occurrence that can happen and your babies can suffocate… they say nothing in the crib but the flat sheet for at least the first year of life. {Obviously we will take the stuffed animal out when he arrives}.


The changing table, we actually found on Craigslist and purchased it from this wonderful couple who didn’t need it anymore. {Thank God for Craigslist!}


I loved organizing the closet. We had talked about re-doing the whole thing to have shelves and lots of storage, etc. but honestly, we have enough work to do around here. I found this idea on Pinterest to buy the Ikea bookshelf and that helped out a lot. We’ll take it for now!


VOILA! It’s finally finished and ready for our little guy to come and enjoy it! We can’t wait!



A great way to figure out a design is to create a storyboard… here’s mine:

Boy Nursery_2

 1. Silver Deer Head  |  2. Paint  |  3. Real Wood Plaque  |  4. Print & Frame  |  5. Jellycat Owl

6. Silver Deer Antler  |  7. Real Wood Creature Ornaments  |  8. Crib  |  9. Sheets  |  10. Owl Knobs

11. Wingback Convertible Rocker  |  12. Mustache Pillow {Paper Source}  |  13. Baskets

14. Silver Leather Poof {Z Gallerie} |  15. White Faux Rug  |  16. Trash Can



Top 10 Baby Products {via Keri}

My good friend Keri has a beautiful 2 year old girl, Adeleia and just had a new baby boy, Keller {see their photos I took here}. I love how practical Keri’s advice was on these products and so many of them! Here’s what I found:

1. Medela In Style Double Pump – $304.99 at Target

Breast Pump

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom – $210 at Nordstrom

Diaper Bag

3. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer Seat – $46.39 at Meijer


4. Boppy Newborn Lounger – $39 at Pottery Barn Kids

Boppy Lounger

5. Fisher Price Piano Activity Gym  – $39.99 at Target

Piano Gym

6. Pack and Play – $199.95 at albeebaby.comtravel crib


travel crib

7. Rocker – $999 at Pottery Barn Kids


8. Halo sleep swaddle sacks – $39.50 at Pottery Barn Kids

Halo Sleep Sacks

9. Swing – $119.99 at Target


10. Bottle Drying Rack – $24.99 at Target

Boon Lawn

11. Fuzzy Carseat Strap Covers – $9.99 at

Cushy Straps

12. Angel Care Video Monitor – Detects SIDS – $185.00 at


13. Baby Bath Chair – $29.99 at Target

Bath Tub

14. Bath Temperature Toy – $12.95 at

Bath Thermometer

15. Temporal Thermometer – $27.49 at


16. Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat – $214.49 at

Car Seat

17. Baby Jogger City Select Stroller – $389.00 at {yes, this stroller is expensive, but if you are planning on having a second baby within the next few years, this stroller will work double time with 16 different configurations!}

Stroller 1Stroller 2

18. Umbrella Stroller – $99.99 at

umbrella stroller


She also suggested these more “personal” items:

1. Ameda Disposable Breast Pads – $8.80 at

Breast Pads

2. Lanolin Nipple Cream – $11.15 at

Nipple Cream


3. Nipple Gel Covers – $11.42 at 

Gel Pads


4. Hooter Hider – $34.95 at



5. Breast Milk Storage Bags – $18.99 at

storage bags


6. Bibs, Burp Cloths & Receiving Blankets – I really like the Aden & Anais Brand for these. They are lightweight and natural. Loving this Moonlight collection at

Bibs Burp Cloths swaddles


7. Baby Nail Clippers – $4.99 at

nail clippers


8. Carseat Cover – $49.95 at


9. A&D Ointment and Butt Paste – $7.99 at – Keri advises you get a few different kinds because your little one will build a tolerance.

butt paste


10. Disposable Changing Pads – $6.11 at

changing pads


11. Little Noses Saline Drops – $3.79 at & Booger Sucker – $15.19 at

little noses nasal aspirator


12. Arm & Hammer Disposable Diaper Bags and disposals {for your diaper bag} – $3.41 at

diaper bag disposal


13. Diaper Genie – $34.99 at

Diaper Genie


14. Aveeno Baby Products – $29.99 at



15. Baby Brezza – $79.99 at




Tons of advice, right? This girl knows her stuff and I’m so glad I have her knowledge! Thanks Keri!



Baby Bump: Week 30


Well I’m officially ¾ the way through! I’m a little late on this post this week because I’ve been working like a mad man and haven’t had a second to take my photo. But we are leaving to go out of town this weekend, so this week and next week are combined :).

I definitely think the “good night sleep” days are officially over. I’ve been waking up every night not only having to pee, but with weird half-awake/half-asleep dreams, shortness of breath and hot flashes. It doesn’t help either with the weather changing, as a few nights were in the 70’s and we had to run the air conditioner. I just make up for the sleepless nights with naps during the day, which have been happening on a regular basis. {Chant: “I love naps”! “I love naps”!}

We graduated from somersaults to punching, kicking and rolling over in my belly. One side of my belly will really bump-out and become hard, I think its his butt sticking out. Its crazy because you can push on it and feel him move.

Nick had his “Daddy Bootcamp” class and learned so much! He had so much to tell me about, things I didn’t even know, so its definitely a good thing he went! Our next class is the breastfeeding class and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can. Then we have the Birth Preparation class next Saturday. Fun fun fun!

My doctor visits have gone from once a month to every 2 weeks. I’m really sad the ultrasounds are no-longer as I love seeing my little guy. But they say its a good thing as they only do ultrasounds in the 3rd trimester when they think something might be wrong… so its bittersweet! I guess the next time I “see” him, will be in person and that will be worth it all!

I’ve been working on the nursery like its my job! I really want it DONE by June 1st, so we have no worries about it if he comes early. The baby dresser is finished being re-finished and the rocker FINALLY came! I’m so excited as its really starting to come together!

2014-05-02 13.00.57 2014-05-04 12.37.53

We still have a lot to do. Nick needs to replace the trim around the doors, window sills and finish the base boards. In the meantime, I’m working on the adorable collage going on the wall above the dresser and making the mobile above the crib. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Find of the week: wood carved owl drawer knobs from Hobby Lobby at 50% off! Wait until you see them on the dresser… AMAZING!

2014-05-08 12.50.05

Counting down the days… only 63 days to go {thats if he arrives on his due date}.


Baby Bump: Week 29


Our little guy is mostly just growing now, gaining fat and bulking up. I have really slowed down this week. I will have a list of all of these errands and chores to do and can’t even get half way through without pooping out. The doc says everything is on track and I’m actually “under” weight, which I find hard to believe. Especially when I see the photos from last week to this week and how much bigger my belly is. I’m definitely eating every 2-3 hours as I’m hungry all the time, I just can’t eat a ton at one time.

Its getting a lot harder to bend over and pick things up. Especially trying to get dressed and reaching down to put my pants on – very difficult! Forget about trying to trim my toe nails… its pedicures from here on out!

One of the most unbearable things this week has been the heartburn I’m experiencing. It would pretty much start with the first thing I eat or drink in the morning until I go to bed at night. It was absolutely horrible. I started taking some heartburn medicine and it has helped a ton! Thank goodness!

Did someone say Kankles? LOL, yes, I officially have kankles and my feet are swollen. I can’t fit into more than half of my shoes {sad day!} but my most wonderful mom took me shoe shopping and I was able to get some new great ones! Time to put my feet up and keep them elevated.

Even though I wouldn’t say Pregnancy is easy by any means, just feeling him move around and knowing he is on his way is pure joy!

Nick and I put together the crib and had a “moment” of reality {yes, we held each other and cried with joyful tears}.

2014-04-26 22.44.41 2014-04-26 22.44.57

The room is starting to come together. The dresser and bassinet we are using were actually my mom’s when she was a baby and then both my brother and I had them when we were babies. They both needed a new paint job, so they are being refinished by The Little Black Chair here in Centennial, CO. They will be ready to be picked up on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see them!

Here are the before photos:

2014-02-06 13.12.25


2014-04-09 21.12.15

Then, I finally got an update on my rocker I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids in January. It’s been a nightmare of a process as it originally said 8-10 weeks, and then I got a message for delivery in June {not happy!}. Finally, I got a call that they are delivering it this Sunday, hurray! I sure hope so as I am eager to get it!



I had my shower in Colorado today and it was so much fun!! I feel so blessed with the amount of friends and family I have that support us and our little man. Everyone is so excited and it shows with the huge amount of gifts I received. {Photos to come}.

This experience of pregnancy and starting a family is amazing and I’m loving every minute of it!


Top 10 Baby Products {via Brooke}

I asked my friend Brooke who has a 2 year old, Tanner and another on the way {due any day now!}, what her top 10 must-haves were. Here’s what she said, along with what I found:

1. Baby jogger – city select stroller – $389 at and $499 at Right Start



I love this stroller because of how many configurations it has, especially if you are planning to have more than one child. Another friend recommended this stroller too, so it became top of my list!


2. Chicco (car seats, pack n play, swing, high chair)

Chicco is a great brand! Here’s what I found:

Chicco Car Seat – $194.99 at Right Start


Chicco Pack n Play – $189.99 at Right Start


Chicco Swing – $149.99 at


Chicco High Chair – $204 at


3. Prince lionhart car seat protector – $24 at


Talk about a necessity you never knew you needed! Save your seats with these covers. They are inexpensive and will save you so much money in the long run! There are even different colors to match your upholstery. Score!

4. Baby Einstein lullaby – $5.00 at


5. Aden and Anias swaddle blankets – $45 at Right Start and towels/wash clothes – $20 at




6. Huggies natural care wipes – $17.99 for a 3-pack at


7. Pampers swaddlers – $24.94 for 80 count Newborn at


8. My brest friend nursing pillow – $44.99 at Right Start


9. Ergo carrier – $130 at Target


10. Baby bouncer – $159.98 at Babies R Us


11. Bumbo – $39.99 at Target


12. Tommie tippie bottles – $21.99 at Babies R Us and Playtex bottles w/drop in liners – $11.99 at Target



13. Soothie binki – $3.99 at Babies R Us



The Crib

After much back and forth about cribs… do we get a convertible? how much should we spend? what color? etc… Here were our thoughts:

PRICE: We figured around $300-$400 was a good “middle of the road” price range for cribs. They start at $100 {IKEA} and go to over $1,000 {Layla Grayce} including the much-drooled-over Kardashian Acrylic Crib of $4,000 {Nursery Works} YIKES! It definitely needs to be safe, but you can get a safe crib at a decent price.

CONVERTIBLE: There are cribs that convert to a toddler bed, and some that go all the way to a full or queen bed. I think the 4-in-1 are great if you are having one child and/or are limited on space for storage. Personally, I don’t like the 4-in-1 option because I couldn’t find a crib where I loved the “headboard” and “footboard” conversion. Plus, we are planning on having more kids {don’t quote me on this until after our first child is born}, so I thought it was best to buy ONE crib, that can be used for all of our children. The plan would be, once our first is out of the toddler bed, then we will buy him a twin/kids bed and use the crib for the next one. With this thinking, I wanted a crib that is gender-neutral, simple and timeless.

On the internet, this was my first choice: The Babyletto Hudson Crib in White. I have seen it ALL over Pinterest {see my Nursery Design board} and thought it was simple, timeless, has clean lines and is so cute! Once Nick and I saw it in person, we thought it actually looked kind of cheap… and for a $400 crib, we just didn’t feel right about it.


Our second choice was The Babyletto Mercer Crib in White, which we did see in person and thought it was so much better in quality and construction than the Hudson. Although, I wasn’t IN LOVE with the drawer at the bottom… it would save on having to buy a crib skirt, which can get pricey!


We were ready to buy the Mercer, when I got a catalog for Pottery Barn Kids and the Kendall Crib was on sale for $399 {from $599} and I thought that was a GREAT DEAL! I ended up having a coupon for 15% off too, so that saved even more! It actually came out cheaper then either of the other cribs… so it pays to wait for a great deal!



Hurray! We picked it up, but won’t put it together until we paint. I cannot wait to see it in our nursery! Stay tuned for photos.