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Ellis’ Newborn Photos

I’m so excited to share these photos of our little men with you all! We are just over the moon, especially Everett. He loves being an older brother, he’s so helpful and calls Ellis “my baby”, its the sweetest little thing! We are enjoying our time together and Ellis is doing great!



Ellis’ Birth Story

Ellis Harvey Stewart was born on August 15th at 11:20pm, 6lbs. 13oz., 19.75 inches long and is amazing!

This boy has been measuring big for the past 2 months. Even though he came 5 weeks early (due date was Sept 19th) he is a champ and is doing great. We finally had our maternity photos on Sunday 8/13. After they were done, I started telling myself and everyone… “well that was really the last thing, so he can come any day now.” I guess he heard that, because thats just what happened.

On Tuesday, I went to work just like any other day. At about 3:30pm, I got up from my desk to put my dishes from the day in the dishwasher and as I was standing there, my water started to break. I went back to my desk and called Nick and he said to call the doctor and see what they say. I got the nurses line and left a message, then called Nick back and we decided I would just leave work and start heading home. I packed up my stuff and as I was heading up the stairs, my cell phone started ringing and it was the nurse calling me back. So at the top of the stairs in the office, I dropped my stuff and answered. She told me to come into their office which was right next to the hospital in Castle Rock so they can check me out. As she was giving me directions (don’t ask me why she was giving me directions – hello GPS), my water broke even more. I told the nurse on the phone what was happening, and she told me to just go ahead straight to the hospital. At about that time, all of the girls from downstairs came running up. My wonderful co-worker Linda volunteered to drive me and the girls scrambled to get some blankets or towels together for me to sit on. I will never forget their faces as we’re leaving the parking lot! They all wished me good luck and we were on our way.

On the drive down, nothing more was happening – thank goodness because I really didn’t want to be delivering a baby on I-25 and in Linda’s car – so I called Nick and my mom and messaged a few people. Nick came running out with a wheelchair and rolled me in to check-in. We got settled into our room, all hooked up and my contractions were pretty consistent and growing stronger. The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural and from my friend’s experience of it being too late for drugs with her second birth, I immediately said yes to get it on order! The pain wasn’t unbearable, but I knew it was coming and it would be coming quick. Of course we were expecting things to gradually increase and get moving fast, but after waiting and waiting, my contractions were slowing and it became a waiting game. For the past several months, I have been listening to meditations and affirmations. I found a childbirth affirmation on the app I use (Guided Mind), so I started playing it over and over. This relaxed me and helped me to focus on and visualize the end result.

Finally, the nurse called the doctor to advise how to get things moving. She gave me some Pitocin (a drug that helps induce labor), had me turn on my side and put a peanut shaped medicine ball between my legs. That really got things moving… after only a few minutes, the contractions started coming and were getting bigger and more consistent. We started practice pushes and then it was go time. I was listening to Nick’s encouraging voice – I could tell I was getting closer by the rise of excitement in his voice, and visualizing a quick birth and thats just what happened…it was such an incredible feeling. I pushed through only 6 contractions and our little baby boy was born.


Photo’s by Bella Baby Photography




Baby Bump #2 – Maternity Photos

I am so grateful for having our maternity photos done at Cherry Creek harbor with our good friend Daniel Balboa who has worked his magic with us and the camera since Nick and I were married in 2008. Its a good thing we had them done when we did, because 2 days later, our little man was born.


We’re Having Another Baby!

Thats right! Baby Stewart No. 2 is on their way and we couldn’t be more excited. We knew we wanted to have another baby and somewhat close in age to Everett, who is now 2.5, so I feel 3 years apart will be just right for our little ones. Anyway, we are due September 19th and YES OF COURSE we are going to find out the sex of the baby. My next ultrasound is April 25th and should know then, fingers crossed! What do we want? Well, Nick wants a girl (for my sake) and I think its going to be a boy, just because of the Stewart family history with this generation of babies (there are 5 kids whom are all boys). We just want a healthy, beautiful baby and since it’s not our decision, we can’t really stress about it. I’m just ready to find out so I can start on the baby’s room! Details to come!

Everett was my model for our announcement and let me tell you, for as cute as he is in these photos, it sure was a fight to get them done. Haha!


Here’s the rest of the shoot, once he got into it he was really having fun!




Watch Me As I Grow: 18 Months

I wish I could keep up with the monthly posts just to see how much Everett grows and changes from month to month, unfortunately thats just not possible. But every 6 months I might be able to do!




We couldn’t be more proud of our little 18 month old, he is amazing! He’s talking now and can say words like excuse me is “zshuzshe”, thank you is “tankoo”, “up”, “mama”, “dada”, “Zsa-Zsa”, Grandpa is “Granpa”, banana is “babana”, “truck”, “tractor”, Harley (our dog) is “arly”, horse is “orssss” and “go boncos” for Go Broncos… just to name a few. Then the other day he learned his name, “Ebret” and he points to himself. Its awesome!

Everett’s favorites:

  • Color is “orange”
  • Food is raisins
  • Animal is monkey and he starts making noises “eee ooh ooh”
  • Cartoon is Curious George
  • Toy is the iPad and yes, he knows how to use it… he finds his own apps and movies.
  • Person is mama (he melts my heart being a mama’s boy) and Grandpa of course!

He’s 25 lbs and in the 75% for his height. He has 14 teeth, still needs his bottom canines and his 2 year old molars.

He eats with a fork and a spoon, and actually gets food in his mouth about 80% of the time. He can also drink from a regular cup which they teach really well at school.

My goodness he is growing up fast and my heart couldn’t be more full of love for this little man of mine.


Everett’s 1st Birthday

He’s 1 year old! Wow how that year flew by and I couldn’t be more excited for and proud of my little one year old! Of course, I wanted to have a HUGE part-ay to celebrate my little guy, but the more I thought about it, the more stressed out I got. So, we decided to keep it small with family and our closest friends.

Rettturns1_047 Rettturns1_068 Rettturns1_268 Rettturns1_418 Rettturns1_439 Rettturns1_510 Rettturns1_518 Rettturns1_580 Rettturns1_618 Rettturns1_644 Rettturns1_684 Rettturns1_699 Rettturns1_703 Rettturns1_710 Rettturns1_760 Rettturns1_855 Rettturns1_873


Watch Me As I Grow: 10 Months

Our little baby boy is growing TOO fast and is 10 months old! WHOA! Here’s what he’s been doing:

  • He’s CRAWLING! AH!
  • He can pull up on his knees
  • Says “DADA” and mimics sounds.
  • Loves spaghetti and guacamole
  • LOVES food… he just can’t get enough of it
  • Very observant – he has to know what, where and who! He takes in the whole room and can’t miss a thing!
  • Started sitting up in his crib, so we had to lower it… Again!
  • Had his first fall, thanks to mommy (don’t ask!) which gave him a nice bump on his head.
  • He’s already impatient (like his dad) and likes to go go go!
  • I swear he remembers which shows he’s already watched because when a repeat comes on he’s only interested for about 5 minutes and wants me to change it. Crazy!
  • He discovered is “Peep” and plays with his belly button.
  • Started swimming
  • Has #7 and #8 teeth coming in.
  • His teachers say he’s the “class clown” and loves to laugh and be social!
  • Yes, his hair is coming in quite Red and is due for his first haircut very soon!



Watch Me As I Grow: 9 Months

9 months? Where has the time gone? See what this little guy has been up to:

  • 19 lbs. 4 oz. (27%) and 28.75 in long (72%)
  • In 12-18 mo clothes
  • Loves food – favorite food is avocados or guacamole
  • Wants to be on the ground to move around
  • Get up on his knees and rocks, but not crawling yet…
  • Loves to be in the stroller looking around



(more photos to come)


Watch Me As I Grow: 7 Months

Our little guy is 7 months already, we can hardly believe it! Here is what he’s doin now:

  • Has 2 bottom teeth
  • Rolling over
  • Scoots and turns 360 degrees on his belly
  • Scoots on his bum in a circle
  • Stands with help
  • Shows affection and knows who we are
  • Can feel and tell between textures
  • Sleeping on his side and belly
  • Favorite foods are mum mums (crackers) and peaches
  • Helps me turn the pages to his books



Helping mommy get ready for work in the morning:

2015-01-07 07.04.59


These are Everett’s saddest faces EVER!:

2015-01-09 18.02.052015-01-09 18.02.10

My little man all dressed up!

2015-01-10 09.31.192015-01-10 09.32.11

Showing off the beautiful quilt made by Aunt Sue. She made it out of Great Grandma Harvey’s fabrics and we LOVE it!:

2015-01-10 09.43.06

This quilt was made by Great Grandma Petersen and we LOVE it too!:

2015-01-10 09.45.49

Everett’s girlfriend Eden came to visit from California:

2015-01-11 09.52.33

Jeremiah & Eden. Eden is all bundled up and ready for the cold:

2015-01-11 10.59.29

We all went to the Cherry Cricket for lunch:

2015-01-11 13.20.23

Loving Bath Time!:

2015-01-12 19.04.43

This is when we discovered his first tooth!:

2015-01-17 09.22.202015-01-17 09.23.31

Crazy hair!:

2015-01-17 14.35.522015-01-18 15.00.22

We got our new sofa! WOOHOO!

2015-01-24 20.19.212015-01-25 11.20.44

Just chillin with my friends Harley and Sophie:

2015-01-25 16.19.312015-01-25 16.19.37

Mommy’s little buddy:

2015-01-29 20.31.18

So cute when he sleeps:

2015-01-26 17.21.042015-01-26 18.08.07

Hanging out in my big boy chair:

2015-01-29 18.38.142015-01-29 18.49.262015-01-29 18.59.46

My first stroll in the big boy stroller:

2015-02-06 17.12.072015-02-06 17.12.13

First time on the swings & enjoying this 70 degree weather in February!

2015-02-07 14.14.57Rett7mo_120Rett7mo_093Rett7mo_138Rett7mo_144


Watch Me As I Grow: 6 Months

Everett is 6 months old now and this is what he’s been up to:

  • Eating solid foods like sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, pears and prunes
  • Had his first temper tantrum and throws his head, arching his back
  • Thinking about rolling over {he sort of did it once with a tiny bit of help}
  • Kicks and splashes in the bath
  • Can sit up and play all on his own, without any support
  • Can stand with help
  • Does a 180 degree turn in his bed while he’s sleeping
  • Scoots backwards while on his tummy
  • Chews on his thumbs, sometimes even both at the same time
  • Had a fake cry… he was quiet while I was doing something else, then when I looked at him he started crying
  • Ticklish on the sides of his chest, under his chin, on the bottom of his feet and behind his knees
  • Drools like crazy, maybe some day we will see a tooth
  • Recognizes when there are other babies around him
  • Has his head on a swivel when we walk into a room, he has to take it all in
  • Loves mirrors
  • Laughs at you when you cough or yawn
  • Loves to bounce and dance
  • Grabs onto my arm with his legs and feet



Here’s a look at the past month…

The three of us at the CHR holiday party in Ken Caryl {Rett was pretty grumpy, lol}:


Rett Loves his Christmas quilt Great Grandma made for him {I love his facial expression, he’s like “she made this amazing thing for me?”:


Nick and I at my company Christmas party downtown at the Broker Restaurant, it was fancy and we had a great time!


Look who can sit up on his own!:


Rett & his bestie Hudson {they are so happy to be able to sit up and play with each other now. They are 7 weeks apart}:


Some fun playtime before bed, we can really get him giggling {love it!}:


Having some sweet potatoes. Yum! Yum!:


Rett’s First Christmas:


Helping Grandma unwrap packages:


We had Christmas with Grandma & Ray and Kody & Allie:


“I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to put this in my mouth”:


“I’m daddy’s Christmas Present! JK, Santa brought him an Xbox and a new TV”:


Then we went up to Thornton to see the rest of the family:


I love his facial expression here too, lol… he’s like “what are you doing to me?”:


Playing with Zsa Zsa and his new toy:


Watching everyone unwrap presents with Grandma:


Here’s a better look at Great Grandma’s Christmas quilt she made for Rett:


Celebrated New Years at the Murray’s house in his fancy bib that Cousin Christina made for him:


Hanging out with his favorite toy Sophie the Giraffe:



Thanks for stopping by!