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Everett’s 1st Birthday

He’s 1 year old! Wow how that year flew by and I couldn’t be more excited for and proud of my little one year old! Of course, I wanted to have a HUGE part-ay to celebrate my little guy, but the more I thought about it, the more stressed out I got. So, we decided to keep it small with family and our closest friends.

Rettturns1_047 Rettturns1_068 Rettturns1_268 Rettturns1_418 Rettturns1_439 Rettturns1_510 Rettturns1_518 Rettturns1_580 Rettturns1_618 Rettturns1_644 Rettturns1_684 Rettturns1_699 Rettturns1_703 Rettturns1_710 Rettturns1_760 Rettturns1_855 Rettturns1_873


Watch Me As I Grow: 10 Months

Our little baby boy is growing TOO fast and is 10 months old! WHOA! Here’s what he’s been doing:

  • He’s CRAWLING! AH!
  • He can pull up on his knees
  • Says “DADA” and mimics sounds.
  • Loves spaghetti and guacamole
  • LOVES food… he just can’t get enough of it
  • Very observant – he has to know what, where and who! He takes in the whole room and can’t miss a thing!
  • Started sitting up in his crib, so we had to lower it… Again!
  • Had his first fall, thanks to mommy (don’t ask!) which gave him a nice bump on his head.
  • He’s already impatient (like his dad) and likes to go go go!
  • I swear he remembers which shows he’s already watched because when a repeat comes on he’s only interested for about 5 minutes and wants me to change it. Crazy!
  • He discovered is “Peep” and plays with his belly button.
  • Started swimming
  • Has #7 and #8 teeth coming in.
  • His teachers say he’s the “class clown” and loves to laugh and be social!
  • Yes, his hair is coming in quite Red and is due for his first haircut very soon!



Watch Me As I Grow: 9 Months

9 months? Where has the time gone? See what this little guy has been up to:

  • 19 lbs. 4 oz. (27%) and 28.75 in long (72%)
  • In 12-18 mo clothes
  • Loves food – favorite food is avocados or guacamole
  • Wants to be on the ground to move around
  • Get up on his knees and rocks, but not crawling yet…
  • Loves to be in the stroller looking around



(more photos to come)


Watch Me As I Grow: 7 Months

Our little guy is 7 months already, we can hardly believe it! Here is what he’s doin now:

  • Has 2 bottom teeth
  • Rolling over
  • Scoots and turns 360 degrees on his belly
  • Scoots on his bum in a circle
  • Stands with help
  • Shows affection and knows who we are
  • Can feel and tell between textures
  • Sleeping on his side and belly
  • Favorite foods are mum mums (crackers) and peaches
  • Helps me turn the pages to his books



Helping mommy get ready for work in the morning:

2015-01-07 07.04.59


These are Everett’s saddest faces EVER!:

2015-01-09 18.02.052015-01-09 18.02.10

My little man all dressed up!

2015-01-10 09.31.192015-01-10 09.32.11

Showing off the beautiful quilt made by Aunt Sue. She made it out of Great Grandma Harvey’s fabrics and we LOVE it!:

2015-01-10 09.43.06

This quilt was made by Great Grandma Petersen and we LOVE it too!:

2015-01-10 09.45.49

Everett’s girlfriend Eden came to visit from California:

2015-01-11 09.52.33

Jeremiah & Eden. Eden is all bundled up and ready for the cold:

2015-01-11 10.59.29

We all went to the Cherry Cricket for lunch:

2015-01-11 13.20.23

Loving Bath Time!:

2015-01-12 19.04.43

This is when we discovered his first tooth!:

2015-01-17 09.22.202015-01-17 09.23.31

Crazy hair!:

2015-01-17 14.35.522015-01-18 15.00.22

We got our new sofa! WOOHOO!

2015-01-24 20.19.212015-01-25 11.20.44

Just chillin with my friends Harley and Sophie:

2015-01-25 16.19.312015-01-25 16.19.37

Mommy’s little buddy:

2015-01-29 20.31.18

So cute when he sleeps:

2015-01-26 17.21.042015-01-26 18.08.07

Hanging out in my big boy chair:

2015-01-29 18.38.142015-01-29 18.49.262015-01-29 18.59.46

My first stroll in the big boy stroller:

2015-02-06 17.12.072015-02-06 17.12.13

First time on the swings & enjoying this 70 degree weather in February!

2015-02-07 14.14.57Rett7mo_120Rett7mo_093Rett7mo_138Rett7mo_144


Watch Me As I Grow: 6 Months

Everett is 6 months old now and this is what he’s been up to:

  • Eating solid foods like sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, pears and prunes
  • Had his first temper tantrum and throws his head, arching his back
  • Thinking about rolling over {he sort of did it once with a tiny bit of help}
  • Kicks and splashes in the bath
  • Can sit up and play all on his own, without any support
  • Can stand with help
  • Does a 180 degree turn in his bed while he’s sleeping
  • Scoots backwards while on his tummy
  • Chews on his thumbs, sometimes even both at the same time
  • Had a fake cry… he was quiet while I was doing something else, then when I looked at him he started crying
  • Ticklish on the sides of his chest, under his chin, on the bottom of his feet and behind his knees
  • Drools like crazy, maybe some day we will see a tooth
  • Recognizes when there are other babies around him
  • Has his head on a swivel when we walk into a room, he has to take it all in
  • Loves mirrors
  • Laughs at you when you cough or yawn
  • Loves to bounce and dance
  • Grabs onto my arm with his legs and feet



Here’s a look at the past month…

The three of us at the CHR holiday party in Ken Caryl {Rett was pretty grumpy, lol}:


Rett Loves his Christmas quilt Great Grandma made for him {I love his facial expression, he’s like “she made this amazing thing for me?”:


Nick and I at my company Christmas party downtown at the Broker Restaurant, it was fancy and we had a great time!


Look who can sit up on his own!:


Rett & his bestie Hudson {they are so happy to be able to sit up and play with each other now. They are 7 weeks apart}:


Some fun playtime before bed, we can really get him giggling {love it!}:


Having some sweet potatoes. Yum! Yum!:


Rett’s First Christmas:


Helping Grandma unwrap packages:


We had Christmas with Grandma & Ray and Kody & Allie:


“I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to put this in my mouth”:


“I’m daddy’s Christmas Present! JK, Santa brought him an Xbox and a new TV”:


Then we went up to Thornton to see the rest of the family:


I love his facial expression here too, lol… he’s like “what are you doing to me?”:


Playing with Zsa Zsa and his new toy:


Watching everyone unwrap presents with Grandma:


Here’s a better look at Great Grandma’s Christmas quilt she made for Rett:


Celebrated New Years at the Murray’s house in his fancy bib that Cousin Christina made for him:


Hanging out with his favorite toy Sophie the Giraffe:



Thanks for stopping by!




Watch Me As I Grow: 5 Months

Everett is 5 months old:

  • He can now fit his entire foot in his mouth and loves grabbing onto his toes
  • Started eating rice cereal, had his first bite on Thanksgiving! {I thought that was appropriate}
  • Fights us going down for a nap. I think he realizes there are better things to do than sleep {which is what his dad always says}
  • Went to see a specialist about his noisy breathing and the result: acid reflux
  • Can sit up, almost by himself
  • Starting to stand, with help of course!
  • Can hold his bottle by himself
  • Loves singing and being sung to
  • Starting to say “Mama” {I’ve heard it a few times now and its usually when he’s starting to get upset and wants me, too}
  • Loves watching football, Pup Patrol and Mickey’s Clubhouse
  • Holds his head up while doing tummy time
  • Grabs our faces when he’s being fed
  • Started playing peek-a-boo with us
  • Gearing up for crawling



Here’s a look over the past month:

Bath Time! He says “what are you doing taking photos of me in the bath?” haha my shy little one!

2014-11-06 19.30.00

Hanging out with my pal Wyatt:

2014-11-09 18.58.19

All bundled up, it got weally weally cold outside! {it was like 0 degrees for a week}:

2014-11-10 19.30.45

“Went to see the doc, she says I have acid reflux”:

2014-11-11 15.55.59

Playing “Smell my finger” with dad, only he smells his own finger:

2014-11-12 16.00.15

“Celebrating Mom’s Birthday at a yummy yummy restaurant called Season’s 52”:

2014-11-16 15.52.35

“Check out my new hat Grandma got me… be beary beary quiet, we’re hunting wabbits”:

2014-11-21 08.42.48

“Yes, I’m a giggler”:

2014-11-27 10.46.49

“I spent Thanksgiving sleeping on Grammy, she loves holding me”:

2014-11-28 16.12.11 2014-11-28 16.12.35

“You know it! The chicks dig me”:

2014-11-29 15.51.40

“Look, I can do it all by myself!”:

2014-12-01 19.46.23

“Guess who I met! SANTA! and I asked for a new TV on behalf of daddy!”:

2014-12-03 13.31.51

“Mom ordered my stocking and it’s my favorite, owls!”:

2014-12-03 19.42.06

“Just chillin, me and pops!”:


“Can you believe I’m 5 months old? Whoa!”:


How are we doing? Pretty great, we are just loving this little guy. He is so much fun, just loves to laugh and play… Nick and I are really enjoying him. Our families have been out here a lot this month, which has been nice to have the extra help. I’m LOVING my job, every day is a new day and I’m learning so much. It’s great being back in the industry and I have a wonderful team! Thats about it, just working and hanging out with our favorite little dude. 🙂


Watch Me As I Grow: 4 Months

Everett is 4 months old:

  • 14 lbs. 4 oz. and 25 inches long
  • Loves grabbing onto his feet and is so close to getting them into his mouth
  • Starting to roll onto his side
  • Scoots on his back
  • Drools a lot!
  • Can now grab his toys with both hands
  • Wants to stick everything he grabs into his mouth
  • Grabs mommy’s hair and jewelry
  • Loves to splash and kick his legs in the bathtub
  • We are working on arm strength for Tummy Time… he can get his knees underneath him so it’s only a matter of time before he’s crawling.
  • Laughs when he sees daddy
  • Recognizes who we are and familiar faces
  • Starting to respond to his name
  • Likes to hold mommy’s hand
  • Now into 3-6 and 6 mo clothes
  • New Record: Slept 10 hours straight!


Three best friends: Hudson Murray, Everett Stewart & Wyatt Stewart at Harper’s 4th Birthday Party on Oct. 11th. They were all crying at the same time:


Grandma came to visit:


… and she took some happy shots of Rett:


Had his first tailgating experience and first time in the Baby Bjorn! He was kind of cranky so he slept most of the time.

2014-10-24 20.33.45


Hanging out with daddy… look at that chunksters:

2014-10-08 16.19.36


“Check out my cool new hoodie:”

2014-10-13 09.04.20


We found this photo of my Mom and Dad at my mom’s baby shower when she was pregnant with me. {love it!}:

2014-10-19 18.00.14


Harley actually let me take a good photo of her! She loves her brother Rett and sneaks kisses whenever she can:

2014-10-19 19.17.40


Chillin with cousin Wyatt at the Murray’s house:

2014-10-26 20.53.38


Then Rett realized everyone was looking at him and he got embarrassed:

2014-10-28 12.15.41


Rett’s first pumpkin patch {he wasn’t too happy when we finally got to the pumpkins.. so we skipped that photo-op}:


Carving pumpkins with Aunt Erica and Ryan & Bree Hall on Halloween Eve:

2014-10-30 19.37.34-1 2014-10-30 19.38.05 2014-10-30 20.13.00

Happy Halloween 2014! Check out the Bad to the Bone Biker Family:

Halloween2014_0012 Halloween2014_0047 Halloween2014_0107 Halloween2014_0323 Halloween2014_0431



Watch Me As I Grow: 3 Months

Everett is 3 months old and is getting so big already. Follow us on our journey as he grows and becomes our {even more} handsome little man.

  • 13 lbs. ? oz. inches long {I will measure him when I find my measuring tape}
  • We’ve got Giggles! I will play Peek-a-boo with him when I’m washing his face in the morning and he just laughs! Its the cutest darndest thing!
  • I watched him push his pacifier back into his mouth with the back of his hand. I’m not sure if he meant to or it just happened when I looked over.
  • Working on tummy time at home and at daycare… he’s getting stronger and stronger!
  • Discovered his tongue and sticks it out at us all the time!
  • Loves to chew on his hand
  • He already has girlfriends: Nick picked him up from daycare one day and said there was a 6 mo old girl squatting next to his bouncer with her hand on the bouncer bouncing him and a 1 year old girl on the other side in a walker yelling at her. Lol Oh boy! We are in for it!
  • He can sit up in his bumbo for a little while until he gets tired.
  • He really likes watching TV, especially football and Nascar with daddy!
  • He hates red lights when riding in the car… everytime the car stops and hes not asleep, he starts crying.
  • Rubs his eyes when he’s tired.
  • Hates having a dirty diaper, wet or poopy
  • Loves watching the fan move
  • He’s a happy baby! Mostly only cries when he needs a diaper change, is hungry or ready for a nap/bed.
  • Finally starting to sleep through the night! The new record is last night: 8.5 hours straight! Hurray!



We had our first snow day. Thats fall in Colorado… cold and snow-drizzling one day, and 80’s the next. So unpredictable!

2014-09-12 08.22.42


We love our Broncos!

2014-09-14 18.16.33


He’s sitting really good in his bumbo and loves watching football with dad!

2014-09-20 16.26.13


We took some family photos last week up at Kenosha Pass with the beautiful trees. Check out all of the photos here:



Here’s some more cute ones from the month:

2014-09-14 14.32.30 2014-09-16 06.56.26 2014-09-16 06.57.47 2014-09-20 20.53.54 2014-09-20 21.02.30 2014-09-25 15.16.44 2014-09-26 16.58.18 2014-10-05 10.19.43


Happy Sunday Funday everyone! Go Broncos!

2014-10-05 11.35.14


How are we doing? Well, I got the most sleep last night so far… 7 hours! and yes, I feel like a new person! Nick is doing really good, just working hard. I started my  new job on September 2nd and I’m loving it! Rett started daycare and he’s having a good time. We really love the place and the ladies, they are all great! We are finally getting on a good schedule and used to our new life. At the moment, Nick’s taking Rett to school in the morning and picking him up in the afternoon. We started out where I was taking him in the morning, but then wouldn’t get to work until almost 9… with pumping and getting ready in the morning, it takes me way longer to get things going, so this schedule seems to be working pretty well. I’m pumping at work, which is going ok. It sucks to have to stop what I’m working on to go pump, but I keep telling myself “it’s not for me, its for Rett” and that keeps me going!

We are just loving all of the smiles and laughs Rett gives us. He’s really alert and has started interacting with us. He knows who we are now and is starting to recognize things like his  bottle. He will grab on to a rattle and we will help him shake it. He kicks and kicks his legs when he’s in his bouncer and almost kicks them like he’s riding a bicycle. We say he’s going to be a runner like his Uncle Kody. We truly are loving every moment. I miss him so much when I am at work, but know he is in good hands while I am away. I just can’t wait to get home from work to play with him and kiss him! I will say that I’m sure glad the 4th trimester is finally over! Whew, it was rough but we have survived! Let the fun begin!


Watch Me As I Grow: 2 Months

Everett is 2 months old and is getting so big already. Follow us on our journey as he grows and becomes our {even more} handsome little man.

  • 10 lbs. 4 oz. 22 ¾ inches long
  • Loves his baths
  • Eats A LOT! Every 2 hours… up to 5 oz. each time
  • Smiles at us and starting to coo
  • Doing really good at holding his head up when he’s up on our shoulder
  • Has grown out of all of his newborn clothes
  • Has grown out of Newborn Diapers
  • Starting to get on a sleep schedule
  • Loves to go for walks around the mall in his carseat/stroller
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Fights going to sleep so he wont miss out on anything
  • Rubs his eyes when he’s sleepy
  • Held his bottle on his own for 3 seconds
  • Had his first round of shots at the Pediatrician and had his first real tears {there were 5 of them and yes I cried with him, poor thing!}
  • First week of daycare and doing well.



After his 1 month post and the photo I took, we noticed the center of his chest caving in when he breathed in. A few people pointed it out to us, so we decided to take him to see the doctor. He was diagnosed with Tracheomalacia. Instead of Rett sleeping in his crib {even at a slight incline with magazines under the mattress wasn’t good enough} we had him sleep in the newborn lounger of the Pack ‘n’ Play for a little while, then put him in his room in this hammock looking rocker called the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. The doctor said keeping him elevated will help him with his breathing and he will soon grow out of it. Talk about making a new parent worry! I guess its only the start of worrying for the rest of my life, huh?


Goooo Broncos! Rett got to watch his first Bronco game and we won! Woohoo! {Thanks to Shawna for the Manning onesie!}

2014-08-07 17.05.22


Rett is officially out of his Newborn clothes at 6 weeks! I can’t believe it! We packed them all up and got out the 0-3 months. Crazy how fast 5 weeks has flewn by! Thanks to Tracie Murray for Hudson’s hand-me-downs! #lovegapbaby {sheet is from Pottery Barn Kids}

2014-08-11 15.15.42


I finally got around to designing Rett’s Birth Announcement. The back is a postcard… they turned out great! Check out the rest of his newborn photo shoot here.

Birth Announcement Blog Post


Great Grandma Petersen got to meet Rett and you could just feel the love! It was such a special moment!

2014-08-16 16.17.18


We have reached 6 weeks without buying a single diaper… THANK YOU to all of those who contributed! …and now Rett has officially outgrown the newborn diapers and is into size 1. So crazy!


On August 17th, Rett was baptized along with his cousin Wyatt. It was a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family in Nick’s Grandparent’s backyard. Nick’s brother-like-family-friend, Austin, performed the ceremony and it was very touching! We are so blessed and grateful to have so much love surround us.



We went to see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens with our friends Ryan and Bree. Of course Rett slept through the entire thing, but it was super cool!



On September 2nd, Rett had his first day of school… well, daycare. He did pretty good… pee’d on one of the caretakers and had a blowout, ruining his cute outfit. Other than that was eatin’ and sleepin’, as usual. He was so tuckered out from his day, he slept 6.5 hours that night. CRAZY! Too bad I still had to get up and pump, but still… I’m looking forward to more sleep.

2014-09-02 11.09.32


I never thought I’d ever be so obsessed with time. Every hour, I’m asking myself when he ate last, when he started his nap or if I need to pump. “What time is it?” has become my motto. Thats another thing… I never thought my life would revolve so much around my breasts. HAHA I know this is probably TMI, but its all part of the process. Breastfeeding has been great, although once Rett got a hold of the bottle, he gets it much quicker… so I’m mostly pumping now… about every 2-3 hours. Nick calls me “the milk wagon” and its so true!

We are starting to get Rett on a routine where he sleeps, then wakes up and I change him, give him a bottle, play with him a little bit and then he’s ready for another nap. This process repeats itself most of the day. During the night he will sleep the first stretch for 4 hours, then 2-3 hrs and he’s up again, then 1-2 hrs in the morning. This was before daycare of course!

Yes, you read it right… Rett started Daycare this week and I started new job. You can read all about it in my post here. So far I’m loving my job, its a little difficult to stop everything and go pump for 30 mins {that usually how long the whole process takes}. But its worth it as Rett is getting the best nutrients possible and he’s eating so much I can hardly keep up! He’s a little growing machine! Hopefully I can pump for as long as possible {probably up to about a year}, but we will see what happens.

Happy 2 months old little buddy!


Watch Me As I Grow: 1 Month

Everett is 1 month old and is getting so big already. Follow us on our journey as he grows and becomes our {even more} handsome little man.

Everett at 1 month: 7lbs. 12 oz. 22 inches long

Loves to look at the pictures on the wall

Starting to like his baths

Falls asleep instantly in the car

Starting to grow out of his NB footed PJ’s {he’s going to be one tall boy!}

Snorts when he eats {we call him “Porky”}

Discovered his hand

Puckers his lips

Loves being held

Recognizes mom’s voice

Enjoys the warm weather

Loves laying on his piano gym and looking around

Starting to smile at us when he’s awake

Everett at 1 month

Everett’s cousin was born on July 25th. Welcome to the world Wyatt George Stewart! They are 20 days apart and are going to be the best of buds!

2014-07-27 16.59.51

I just can’t get over his tiny hands and feet! So in Love!

Blog Post_2

He totally sleeps like a Stewart!

2014-07-15 17.03.19-1_bw

I just can’t get over this sleepy smile!

2014-07-12 15.48.52_bw

Here’s just some more cuteness:

2014-07-20 17.02.43_bw 2014-07-13 17.02.44_bw

As for Nick and I… well we are trying to get some sleep. Haha, yeah right! 😉 It was difficult with Nick going back to work but we are adjusting. Rett sure likes to eats so much, I spend most of my day either sleeping, feeding him or changing diapers. Typical huh? We are head over heels for him though! Every day is a new day and just when we think we are getting the hang of something, it changes of course! I started learning some nursery rhymes that I can sing to him, he sure likes that. Its been amazing watching him grow and learn. He perks up when he hears a new noise and focuses on things he finds interesting. Can’t wait to continue watching him grow! Happy 1 month old baby Rett, xoxo!