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Ellis’ Newborn Photos

I’m so excited to share these photos of our little men with you all! We are just over the moon, especially Everett. He loves being an older brother, he’s so helpful and calls Ellis “my baby”, its the sweetest little thing! We are enjoying our time together and Ellis is doing great!



Ellis’ Birth Story

Ellis Harvey Stewart was born on August 15th at 11:20pm, 6lbs. 13oz., 19.75 inches long and is amazing!

This boy has been measuring big for the past 2 months. Even though he came 5 weeks early (due date was Sept 19th) he is a champ and is doing great. We finally had our maternity photos on Sunday 8/13. After they were done, I started telling myself and everyone… “well that was really the last thing, so he can come any day now.” I guess he heard that, because thats just what happened.

On Tuesday, I went to work just like any other day. At about 3:30pm, I got up from my desk to put my dishes from the day in the dishwasher and as I was standing there, my water started to break. I went back to my desk and called Nick and he said to call the doctor and see what they say. I got the nurses line and left a message, then called Nick back and we decided I would just leave work and start heading home. I packed up my stuff and as I was heading up the stairs, my cell phone started ringing and it was the nurse calling me back. So at the top of the stairs in the office, I dropped my stuff and answered. She told me to come into their office which was right next to the hospital in Castle Rock so they can check me out. As she was giving me directions (don’t ask me why she was giving me directions – hello GPS), my water broke even more. I told the nurse on the phone what was happening, and she told me to just go ahead straight to the hospital. At about that time, all of the girls from downstairs came running up. My wonderful co-worker Linda volunteered to drive me and the girls scrambled to get some blankets or towels together for me to sit on. I will never forget their faces as we’re leaving the parking lot! They all wished me good luck and we were on our way.

On the drive down, nothing more was happening – thank goodness because I really didn’t want to be delivering a baby on I-25 and in Linda’s car – so I called Nick and my mom and messaged a few people. Nick came running out with a wheelchair and rolled me in to check-in. We got settled into our room, all hooked up and my contractions were pretty consistent and growing stronger. The nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural and from my friend’s experience of it being too late for drugs with her second birth, I immediately said yes to get it on order! The pain wasn’t unbearable, but I knew it was coming and it would be coming quick. Of course we were expecting things to gradually increase and get moving fast, but after waiting and waiting, my contractions were slowing and it became a waiting game. For the past several months, I have been listening to meditations and affirmations. I found a childbirth affirmation on the app I use (Guided Mind), so I started playing it over and over. This relaxed me and helped me to focus on and visualize the end result.

Finally, the nurse called the doctor to advise how to get things moving. She gave me some Pitocin (a drug that helps induce labor), had me turn on my side and put a peanut shaped medicine ball between my legs. That really got things moving… after only a few minutes, the contractions started coming and were getting bigger and more consistent. We started practice pushes and then it was go time. I was listening to Nick’s encouraging voice – I could tell I was getting closer by the rise of excitement in his voice, and visualizing a quick birth and thats just what happened…it was such an incredible feeling. I pushed through only 6 contractions and our little baby boy was born.


Photo’s by Bella Baby Photography




Baby Bump #2 – Maternity Photos

I am so grateful for having our maternity photos done at Cherry Creek harbor with our good friend Daniel Balboa who has worked his magic with us and the camera since Nick and I were married in 2008. Its a good thing we had them done when we did, because 2 days later, our little man was born.


Everett’s New Room Design

After discussing the logistics of Everett’s bedroom, or bed rather, Nick and I decided to keep the queen bed from the guest room and make it his new bed. It saved us about $700 and we figured, that way when my mom comes to visit (or any quest), they can still have a bed to sleep in. Anyway, did you know its really difficult to find kids sheets in a queen size? Pretty much the only store that carries them is Pottery Barn Kids. I took Everett with me on a special trip to the mall so he could pick out his sheets. I told him he got to pick out one set, and I picked out the other set. Can you tell which set he picked?


Marvel Sheet Set        |         Emily & Meritt Bandit Sheet Set

With a little tweaking to the original design and incorporating the mountains I painted… TA-DA! Reveal photos to come soon.



For the Love of Painting

I have been painting, drawing, doodling, etc for most of my life. Pretty much since I discovered finger painting in Kindergarten, I was in love. My undergrad degree was in Studio Art from Concordia University, Irvine and going to school for the arts was the best. I’d stay up late, turn on Norah Jones and go to town with the paint brush. My college roommate, Stephanie just Facebook messaged me, reminiscing about those college days in the dorm when she was studying biology and would watch me paint. It was such a great time in my life, I miss it. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Graduation. WOW!

Anywho, I pretty much stopped painting when I moved to Denver to study Interior Design, and that took over. Between a new city, a new school, planning a wedding and the craziness in between, the paint brush was put down. Over the years, I moved all of my art supplies from house to house but they were still never used. At a garage sale before Everett was born, I was cleaning out and decided to sell some of my old stuff. I only kept my favorite supplies and thought, “hopefully one day I will be able to use these again”.

Finally, the opportunity presented itself when I was installing a job for work and the art arrived, not being the exact colors we were expecting. I went to the store, bought some paint and a paint brush and made it look the way we wanted. This reminded me of how much I missed painting. Any chance I got for “fixing” a painting at work, I took it.

For the past few months, I’ve been designing a clubhouse for an apartment complex here in Denver. The space has extremely high vaulted ceilings and requires a piece of artwork over the sofa that needs to be large and in-charge. Bold, graphic lines came to mind and since the current trend is geometric shapes and contrasting colors, I decided to paint something structured and in my favorite shades of black, white and gray. I picked up the paint brush and got to work.



Everett’s Room Design

I’ve been working on Everett’s room design and I’m excited to get started this weekend! This is the overall look, although I’m going to be painting mountains on the wall instead of the wood. I decided to carry the woodland theme from his nursery, I just love it and know he will too. We’ve been really pumping him up for a “big boy bed” and a “big boy room”. Since we are moving him into a different room, we don’t want him to feel like the baby is taking over his things. It’s been taking a lot of strategizing, so fingers crossed that the next month or so go well with this transition.

pendant | wood wall | wood art | marquee letters | lit tree | bed | side table | curtains | floor lamp

shelves | bean bag | dresser | round wood art | table lamp | lamp shade | deer faux taxidermy | rug


We’re Having Another Baby!

Thats right! Baby Stewart No. 2 is on their way and we couldn’t be more excited. We knew we wanted to have another baby and somewhat close in age to Everett, who is now 2.5, so I feel 3 years apart will be just right for our little ones. Anyway, we are due September 19th and YES OF COURSE we are going to find out the sex of the baby. My next ultrasound is April 25th and should know then, fingers crossed! What do we want? Well, Nick wants a girl (for my sake) and I think its going to be a boy, just because of the Stewart family history with this generation of babies (there are 5 kids whom are all boys). We just want a healthy, beautiful baby and since it’s not our decision, we can’t really stress about it. I’m just ready to find out so I can start on the baby’s room! Details to come!

Everett was my model for our announcement and let me tell you, for as cute as he is in these photos, it sure was a fight to get them done. Haha!


Here’s the rest of the shoot, once he got into it he was really having fun!




Tips & Tricks: Getting Dressed For Work

After having Everett, I had mom-brain so bad that I couldn’t remember anything. I was starting a new job and felt every morning was a disaster getting dressed. Not only did I have to be creative about what I wore (because I worked with the worlds most creative group of women) but I also just didn’t want to have to think about it. I spent so much time in the morning trying to create outfits, I knew there had to be another way. Here’s what I did:

  1. Check the weather forecast for the week to plan accordingly (the weather in Denver is CrAzY and so unpredictable!)
  2. Every Sunday, pick out 6 complete outfits for that week. Everything down to the shoes, socks and jewelry. If there might be snow in the forecast, know which coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc, you are going to wear with each outfit.
  3. Every morning, I get completely dressed and before I go downstairs, I take a photo of myself in front of a full-length mirror. I will take 2-3 photos, at least one without winter accessories and coat and then one with them so you can see both. This helps so much for on Sundays when I’m choosing outfits for the week, I can look back and remember which ones I loved and which were just “ok”, which ones I felt comfortable in and which ones made me feel on top of the world.

(These photos are from the last month. If I’m missing shoes in the photos, thats because I was planning to wear snow boots that were too dirty to bring upstairs)


Other tips:

(image via

New Year, New Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I want it to represent. Simply Stewarts was a great starting point for me as it was a blog focused on journaling the events in my life. When I found out I was pregnant with Everett, I knew I had to document everything and what better way than a blog? As I have grown, I have realized I don’t want my blog just for me anymore. I would like to use my experiences to help and influence others.

I have decided to change the name of my blog to Stewart Designs – Designing A Life I Love. I found this amazing brand kit over at Dear Miss Modern because I LOVE her designs and she’s having a great sale right now! [YIPEE!] My new blog is a work in progress so sit back, relax and lets enjoy this journey together!