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Everett’s Room Design

I’ve been working on Everett’s room design and I’m excited to get started this weekend! This is the overall look, although I’m going to be painting mountains on the wall instead of the wood. I decided to carry the woodland theme from his nursery, I just love it and know he will too. We’ve been really pumping him up for a “big boy bed” and a “big boy room”. Since we are moving him into a different room, we don’t want him to feel like the baby is taking over his things. It’s been taking a lot of strategizing, so fingers crossed that the next month or so go well with this transition.

pendant | wood wall | wood art | marquee letters | lit tree | bed | side table | curtains | floor lamp

shelves | bean bag | dresser | round wood art | table lamp | lamp shade | deer faux taxidermy | rug


We’re Having Another Baby!

Thats right! Baby Stewart No. 2 is on their way and we couldn’t be more excited. We knew we wanted to have another baby and somewhat close in age to Everett, who is now 2.5, so I feel 3 years apart will be just right for our little ones. Anyway, we are due September 19th and YES OF COURSE we are going to find out the sex of the baby. My next ultrasound is April 25th and should know then, fingers crossed! What do we want? Well, Nick wants a girl (for my sake) and I think its going to be a boy, just because of the Stewart family history with this generation of babies (there are 5 kids whom are all boys). We just want a healthy, beautiful baby and since it’s not our decision, we can’t really stress about it. I’m just ready to find out so I can start on the baby’s room! Details to come!

Everett was my model for our announcement and let me tell you, for as cute as he is in these photos, it sure was a fight to get them done. Haha!


Here’s the rest of the shoot, once he got into it he was really having fun!