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Watch Me As I Grow: 6 Months

Everett is 6 months old now and this is what he’s been up to:

  • Eating solid foods like sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, pears and prunes
  • Had his first temper tantrum and throws his head, arching his back
  • Thinking about rolling over {he sort of did it once with a tiny bit of help}
  • Kicks and splashes in the bath
  • Can sit up and play all on his own, without any support
  • Can stand with help
  • Does a 180 degree turn in his bed while he’s sleeping
  • Scoots backwards while on his tummy
  • Chews on his thumbs, sometimes even both at the same time
  • Had a fake cry… he was quiet while I was doing something else, then when I looked at him he started crying
  • Ticklish on the sides of his chest, under his chin, on the bottom of his feet and behind his knees
  • Drools like crazy, maybe some day we will see a tooth
  • Recognizes when there are other babies around him
  • Has his head on a swivel when we walk into a room, he has to take it all in
  • Loves mirrors
  • Laughs at you when you cough or yawn
  • Loves to bounce and dance
  • Grabs onto my arm with his legs and feet



Here’s a look at the past month…

The three of us at the CHR holiday party in Ken Caryl {Rett was pretty grumpy, lol}:


Rett Loves his Christmas quilt Great Grandma made for him {I love his facial expression, he’s like “she made this amazing thing for me?”:


Nick and I at my company Christmas party downtown at the Broker Restaurant, it was fancy and we had a great time!


Look who can sit up on his own!:


Rett & his bestie Hudson {they are so happy to be able to sit up and play with each other now. They are 7 weeks apart}:


Some fun playtime before bed, we can really get him giggling {love it!}:


Having some sweet potatoes. Yum! Yum!:


Rett’s First Christmas:


Helping Grandma unwrap packages:


We had Christmas with Grandma & Ray and Kody & Allie:


“I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to put this in my mouth”:


“I’m daddy’s Christmas Present! JK, Santa brought him an Xbox and a new TV”:


Then we went up to Thornton to see the rest of the family:


I love his facial expression here too, lol… he’s like “what are you doing to me?”:


Playing with Zsa Zsa and his new toy:


Watching everyone unwrap presents with Grandma:


Here’s a better look at Great Grandma’s Christmas quilt she made for Rett:


Celebrated New Years at the Murray’s house in his fancy bib that Cousin Christina made for him:


Hanging out with his favorite toy Sophie the Giraffe:



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