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Watch Me As I Grow: 5 Months

Everett is 5 months old:

  • He can now fit his entire foot in his mouth and loves grabbing onto his toes
  • Started eating rice cereal, had his first bite on Thanksgiving! {I thought that was appropriate}
  • Fights us going down for a nap. I think he realizes there are better things to do than sleep {which is what his dad always says}
  • Went to see a specialist about his noisy breathing and the result: acid reflux
  • Can sit up, almost by himself
  • Starting to stand, with help of course!
  • Can hold his bottle by himself
  • Loves singing and being sung to
  • Starting to say “Mama” {I’ve heard it a few times now and its usually when he’s starting to get upset and wants me, too}
  • Loves watching football, Pup Patrol and Mickey’s Clubhouse
  • Holds his head up while doing tummy time
  • Grabs our faces when he’s being fed
  • Started playing peek-a-boo with us
  • Gearing up for crawling



Here’s a look over the past month:

Bath Time! He says “what are you doing taking photos of me in the bath?” haha my shy little one!

2014-11-06 19.30.00

Hanging out with my pal Wyatt:

2014-11-09 18.58.19

All bundled up, it got weally weally cold outside! {it was like 0 degrees for a week}:

2014-11-10 19.30.45

“Went to see the doc, she says I have acid reflux”:

2014-11-11 15.55.59

Playing “Smell my finger” with dad, only he smells his own finger:

2014-11-12 16.00.15

“Celebrating Mom’s Birthday at a yummy yummy restaurant called Season’s 52”:

2014-11-16 15.52.35

“Check out my new hat Grandma got me… be beary beary quiet, we’re hunting wabbits”:

2014-11-21 08.42.48

“Yes, I’m a giggler”:

2014-11-27 10.46.49

“I spent Thanksgiving sleeping on Grammy, she loves holding me”:

2014-11-28 16.12.11 2014-11-28 16.12.35

“You know it! The chicks dig me”:

2014-11-29 15.51.40

“Look, I can do it all by myself!”:

2014-12-01 19.46.23

“Guess who I met! SANTA! and I asked for a new TV on behalf of daddy!”:

2014-12-03 13.31.51

“Mom ordered my stocking and it’s my favorite, owls!”:

2014-12-03 19.42.06

“Just chillin, me and pops!”:


“Can you believe I’m 5 months old? Whoa!”:


How are we doing? Pretty great, we are just loving this little guy. He is so much fun, just loves to laugh and play… Nick and I are really enjoying him. Our families have been out here a lot this month, which has been nice to have the extra help. I’m LOVING my job, every day is a new day and I’m learning so much. It’s great being back in the industry and I have a wonderful team! Thats about it, just working and hanging out with our favorite little dude. 🙂