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Fall is in the air

We decided to head up to the mountains today for some fresh air and to see the beautiful trees! Up near Kenosha Pass, we found the perfect spot and were able to get in some much needed family photos. Here’s just a few of my favs!:

FallFamilyPhotos_014 FallFamilyPhotos_043FallFamilyPhotos_031FallFamilyPhotos_055 FallFamilyPhotos_059 FallFamilyPhotos_105 FallFamilyPhotos_117 FallFamilyPhotos_125 FallFamilyPhotos_130 FallFamilyPhotos_159 FallFamilyPhotos_225 FallFamilyPhotos_248 FallFamilyPhotos_293 FallFamilyPhotos_311 FallFamilyPhotos_355 FallFamilyPhotos_367 FallFamilyPhotos_366 FallFamilyPhotos_371 FallFamilyPhotos_411 FallFamilyPhotos_440 FallFamilyPhotos_525 FallFamilyPhotos_493 FallFamilyPhotos_454 FallFamilyPhotos_582 FallFamilyPhotos_581 FallFamilyPhotos_547 FallFamilyPhotos_621 FallFamilyPhotos_595 FallFamilyPhotos_583


My Must Have Baby Products: 2nd Month

This is a continuation from the 1st Month Products:

  1. Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper – a good friend of mine gave this to me after her boys used it. She said her oldest slept in it for 3 months because he had bad acid reflex.
  2. Baby Ears App by Dunstan Baby Language – I was so confused on my baby cries/sounds and this has helped so much! The first time I tried it, it worked! Nick was changing Rett and I went in there to assist. I heard him start “Eh, Eh, Eh” and I told Nick he needed to burp. He immediately put Rett up on his shoulder and out came a belch! Crazy! Then, when he woke up from his nap he started doing “Neh, Neh” and I knew he was hungry! This app is $2.99 and worth every cent!!! Now I can understand my baby!
  3. PeePee TeePee’s {for boys of course!} – I forgot to put these in the last post, so here they are. I actually just ordered my second set. They get washed so much a few of them fell apart, but they are worth it! At first, I didn’t like them because they fall off so easily when Rett kicked his legs. Now that he’s a little more calm when we change him, they stay put. Also, I learned to hold the teepee on him while I clean him up {multitasking} and if he pee’s, the teepee will hold the pee. We were using a wipe to cover him, so if he pees it wouldn’t shoot over everything, but then it runs down the sides of him and makes a hug mess. Great invention!
  4. Infant Gum Cleanser & Finger Brush – my dentist said this would be good to start since so many kids fight brushing their teeth so much! He said once our little one gets his first tooth, make sure to clean it thoroughly and a lot! The breast milk builds up on it and its so easy to start plaque buildup.
  5. BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Bouncer – Rett LOVES this thing! He will be screaming and we put him in this and bounce it with our toes and he starts “Coo”-ing! Its awesome! He will even nod off in it…
  6. Bottle & Nipple Brush – This is great for cleaning bottles and nipples and even has a stand for the counter. I almost want to get a second one, we use it like 10 times a day!
  7. Dapple Dish Soap – We use this fragrance free dish soap to wash all bottles, nipples and accessories. Do this before sanitizing in the Medela steam bags.
  8. Wipe Warmer – This thing is amazing! Except Rett gets used to it and then when we are out traveling and use the regular wipes, he doesn’t like that very much. lol. Better than him screaming in the middle of the night though! Most of the time now he will smile while I change him, its super cute!
  9. Great Breast Pumping Info – This link explains it all! After exclusively pumping for about a month now… this link gave me so much info!
  10. Arm & Hammer Disposable Changing Pads – We put these on top of the changing table because our little guy pees almost every time we change him. This saves washing our changing pad cover every 10 minutes. If you have a little one that frequently goes potty while you are changing them, I definitely suggest these!
  11. Fleece Sleep Sacks – Halo sleep sack {sleeveless} and Carter’s Sleepbag {long sleeve} We take these to daycare for Rett to sleep in. Sounds like they are working great so far!
  12. InchBug Orbit Labels – these things are awesome and are much needed when going to daycare. Order them custom with their name and put them on bottles, sippy cups, snack containers, etc. to keep them separate from the other kid’s.
  13. Fingernail Clippers – these are great with the light so you can see exactly where you are cutting. I try and cut his nails while he is still in the carseat asleep when we get home from being out somewhere.
  14. Baby Trend Bouncer – a friend of ours gave us this thing too and its great! Rett loves the vibrating feature, its very soothing for him. We have a monkey one but the first three shown in this search is just like it, and I believe you can find one at Walmart.
  15. Infant Tylenol – You will need this when your little one goes to get their 2 mo shots. Be prepared, its brutal but mostly for the parents. Luckily our nurse gave them to him really quickly, but that was the first time I saw Rett have real tears and it tore me up. I cried with him! Mom’s just be right there with them and be ready to hold them tightly when its all done. They might be sore for the first 24 hours, but then he was perfectly fine and doesn’t remember a thing!

Happy 6th Anniversary!

To my incredible husband, Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary! It seems like just yesterday I was walking down that aisle and we have already made so many memories together! You are my best friend and I could not imagine my life without you!

Here are a few photos from our wedding day, September 13, 2008 in Beaver Creek, Colorado


01_stewart_pc_22 01_stewart_pc_27 01_stewart_pc_28 01_stewart_pc_35 01_stewart_pc_36 01_stewart_pc_37 01_stewart_pc_38  01_stewart_pc_40 Stewart_2618


Watch Me As I Grow: 2 Months

Everett is 2 months old and is getting so big already. Follow us on our journey as he grows and becomes our {even more} handsome little man.

  • 10 lbs. 4 oz. 22 ¾ inches long
  • Loves his baths
  • Eats A LOT! Every 2 hours… up to 5 oz. each time
  • Smiles at us and starting to coo
  • Doing really good at holding his head up when he’s up on our shoulder
  • Has grown out of all of his newborn clothes
  • Has grown out of Newborn Diapers
  • Starting to get on a sleep schedule
  • Loves to go for walks around the mall in his carseat/stroller
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Fights going to sleep so he wont miss out on anything
  • Rubs his eyes when he’s sleepy
  • Held his bottle on his own for 3 seconds
  • Had his first round of shots at the Pediatrician and had his first real tears {there were 5 of them and yes I cried with him, poor thing!}
  • First week of daycare and doing well.



After his 1 month post and the photo I took, we noticed the center of his chest caving in when he breathed in. A few people pointed it out to us, so we decided to take him to see the doctor. He was diagnosed with Tracheomalacia. Instead of Rett sleeping in his crib {even at a slight incline with magazines under the mattress wasn’t good enough} we had him sleep in the newborn lounger of the Pack ‘n’ Play for a little while, then put him in his room in this hammock looking rocker called the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. The doctor said keeping him elevated will help him with his breathing and he will soon grow out of it. Talk about making a new parent worry! I guess its only the start of worrying for the rest of my life, huh?


Goooo Broncos! Rett got to watch his first Bronco game and we won! Woohoo! {Thanks to Shawna for the Manning onesie!}

2014-08-07 17.05.22


Rett is officially out of his Newborn clothes at 6 weeks! I can’t believe it! We packed them all up and got out the 0-3 months. Crazy how fast 5 weeks has flewn by! Thanks to Tracie Murray for Hudson’s hand-me-downs! #lovegapbaby {sheet is from Pottery Barn Kids}

2014-08-11 15.15.42


I finally got around to designing Rett’s Birth Announcement. The back is a postcard… they turned out great! Check out the rest of his newborn photo shoot here.

Birth Announcement Blog Post


Great Grandma Petersen got to meet Rett and you could just feel the love! It was such a special moment!

2014-08-16 16.17.18


We have reached 6 weeks without buying a single diaper… THANK YOU to all of those who contributed! …and now Rett has officially outgrown the newborn diapers and is into size 1. So crazy!


On August 17th, Rett was baptized along with his cousin Wyatt. It was a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family in Nick’s Grandparent’s backyard. Nick’s brother-like-family-friend, Austin, performed the ceremony and it was very touching! We are so blessed and grateful to have so much love surround us.



We went to see the Chihuly Exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens with our friends Ryan and Bree. Of course Rett slept through the entire thing, but it was super cool!



On September 2nd, Rett had his first day of school… well, daycare. He did pretty good… pee’d on one of the caretakers and had a blowout, ruining his cute outfit. Other than that was eatin’ and sleepin’, as usual. He was so tuckered out from his day, he slept 6.5 hours that night. CRAZY! Too bad I still had to get up and pump, but still… I’m looking forward to more sleep.

2014-09-02 11.09.32


I never thought I’d ever be so obsessed with time. Every hour, I’m asking myself when he ate last, when he started his nap or if I need to pump. “What time is it?” has become my motto. Thats another thing… I never thought my life would revolve so much around my breasts. HAHA I know this is probably TMI, but its all part of the process. Breastfeeding has been great, although once Rett got a hold of the bottle, he gets it much quicker… so I’m mostly pumping now… about every 2-3 hours. Nick calls me “the milk wagon” and its so true!

We are starting to get Rett on a routine where he sleeps, then wakes up and I change him, give him a bottle, play with him a little bit and then he’s ready for another nap. This process repeats itself most of the day. During the night he will sleep the first stretch for 4 hours, then 2-3 hrs and he’s up again, then 1-2 hrs in the morning. This was before daycare of course!

Yes, you read it right… Rett started Daycare this week and I started new job. You can read all about it in my post here. So far I’m loving my job, its a little difficult to stop everything and go pump for 30 mins {that usually how long the whole process takes}. But its worth it as Rett is getting the best nutrients possible and he’s eating so much I can hardly keep up! He’s a little growing machine! Hopefully I can pump for as long as possible {probably up to about a year}, but we will see what happens.

Happy 2 months old little buddy!


Career Mom

d8dbb9a0eff17d57b164a4eee9bd6420 Its so amazing how things happen when you least expect it. I was 38 weeks pregnant and happened to come across a job listing on my account for an AutoCAD/Interior Design position here in Denver. I thought to myself, “why not apply?” I made a few quick changes to my resume, wrote a cover letter and submitted my information. Two days later, I got a phone call to come in for an interview… I’m ecstatic. The only thing is… I’m 39 weeks pregnant. Do I tell them? Of course not! I go struttin my “large” self in to that interview with my head held high! LOL

The interview went great and I think they were ready to hire me, the only thing was the timing… I wouldn’t be able to start for 2 months and they needed someone ASAP! I kinda figured if it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t meant to be. But I was so hoping it was right and was trying to be as patient as possible.

Finally, the phone call came and they offered me the position! I am beyond ecstatic and can’t believe this happened at the timing it did. Crazy, huh?

Immediately, Nick and I got on the computer and started researching daycares. The first daycare we toured, I sorta fell in love instantly. I definitely wanted to compare it though, so we toured 2 other facilities in the area. Yeah, it definitely blew them out of the water. Get this, we toured several rooms with different age groups, and for whatever reason at the time of our tour, not a single kid was crying or mad or upset. We couldn’t believe it! I’m sure it was just perfect timing, but it impressed us. There are a ton of other things that I won’t get into right now, but we immediately put down our deposit to save our spot. It was incredible they actually had an opening, because I went for orientation just this past week, and they don’t have another opening until April 2015! It’s like all the stars aligned and everything is working out perfectly!

So… I start tomorrow, and Rett starts daycare tomorrow too. Its like the first day of school for the both of us! I am a little nervous and anxious, but mostly excited for this is the beginning of a completely new chapter in our lives. I absolutely love being a mom, but my passion is to design… so you have to balance it, right?

This definitely came along when I least expected it and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity. Cheers {‘clink, ‘clink}, to this new adventure!