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Watch Me As I Grow: 0 Months

Everett is only 2 weeks old tomorrow, so we call this “0 Months”. Follow us on our journey as he grows and becomes our {even more} handsome little man.

He slept in his bed for the first time last night, we had him in the bassinet next to our bed, but we would like to get him on a schedule since he was waking up every hour in the night. We think he’s still somewhat on his “in the womb” time schedule, which is sleeping all day and awake all night. Of course, this is not good for mom and dad. He actually slept most of the night last night… only waking up twice for food. Our goal is to have him eat every 2 hours during the day, and every 3-4 hours during the night. We open the curtains and make noise all day long, then keep it dark and quiet at night. Hopefully this will help us in creating a schedule.

Last week, his Jaundice levels were high, so we had to go back into the hospital so he could lay under the UV lights again. We were there from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon. This was rough for us as all he wanted to do was be held and we had to leave him in the hospital’s bassinet. When we went back to the doctor on Monday, they said he looked great… yay! no more lights! I guess Jaundice happens to most babies, which I did not know. Poor babes!

Altogether, we are doing great! Loving every moment with this little guy. So far, all little Rett likes to do is eat, sleep, poop {of course} and lay in his Boppy Lounger and look around. Nick tickles E’s face with his whiskers and we just can’t stop kissing his adorable face! He’s eating well and growing so much already. He’s back up to his birth weight and getting more and more alert with every day. We still can’t really tell what color his eyes are going to be… right now they are a bluish-gray with a hint of teal and his hair is blondish-light brown with hints of red.

We just love him so much and cannot believe this is our new reality! xoxo

Everett at 0 months


Everett’s Birth Story

Everett Charles Stewart was born on July 5th, 2014 at 8:08am, 6 lbs. 12 oz., 20 inches long and he is absolutely perfect!

It all started thursday when I spent the afternoon napping, then went on a hike through Clement Park for a pre 4th of July celebration with food vendors and a huge fireworks show. I thought for sure walking 2 miles would break my water and we would have a 4th baby, but he definitely wanted his own birthday. On Friday, I woke up and had breakfast, then was so drowsy I went back to bed for 4 hours. We had plans to go to the pool with the Murray family, but ended up going over to their house later in the evening for dinner and a great fireworks show from their back patio that overlooks East Parker. At one point in the evening, I felt slight cramping but didn’t think much of it.

We got home around 11pm that evening and went straight to bed. It was 1:45am and I was dead asleep when my water broke. It definitely startled me, felt like I was peeing my pants with TONS of fluid and no control over it. Poor Nick was so asleep I had to shake him to wake him up. As soon as I was able to get up and go to the bathroom, my contractions started… this time the hurting kind. I truly think he was ready for 2 weeks and it just took my water breaking to get things moving right along. I called the doctor that was on call that night and she asked if we would go down to Castle Rock Adventist Hospital since she was already there with a patient. {We were supposed to deliver at SkyRidge Hospital, although we had heard so many wonderful things about Castle Rock… plus I worked on that hospital when I worked at RK Mechanical, haha}.

We put our packed bags in the car and grabbed a few other items, then off we went. On our way I called my mom, she booked the 6am flight out. When we arrived at the hospital, we had to go in Emergency since it was after hours. They got us registered and checked in. By then my contractions were 3 minutes apart.

The nurse took us up to our room and on the way, while in pain, I of course was noticing all of the beautiful finishes of the decor. This hospital hasn’t even been open a year, so the details had me mesmerized and it definitely distracted me from the pain. Our room was fab! Talk about a 5 star hotel {well not really… but for hospitals it is!} Check it out:

Castle Rock Adventist Hospital Colorado

Entering the lobby:

CRAHomePage CRAHCLobby1

My room with AMAZING views of the mountain range:


Yes, as a designer I was completely in awe… ok sorry, back to the story!

They got me all hooked up to an IV, my contractions were still 3 minutes apart, but by this time they were getting stronger and stronger. I had reached a point where I could tell the worst was yet to come and my pain was borderline unbearable as is. So, I looked at Nick and said “I’m definitely going to need an epidural”. We told the nurse and she wanted me to finish a bag of IV fluid before ordering the Anesthesiologist to come up. I continued my breathing practices, with Nick reading the monitor of when the contractions were climbing and falling and giving me such great support. In the meantime, I had a contraction that lasted for 30 minutes, without a break… umm yes, I was crying and at that point, I couldn’t have made a better decision to get the Epidural. Originally, Nick and I had discussed that I would like to reach a certain point in my contractions plus be at least 5 cm dilated before getting one, so that it wouldn’t slow things down. Well this worked because once I got the epidural, my body from the chest down went numb, but my contractions still continued as normal… thank goodness!

Shortly after, the doctor came in to check me and I was complete and contractions were regular… we were ready to go. The only thing was, her patient next door was “complete” also, and didn’t get an epidural, so she definitely needed to go first. Nick and I waited about an hour before she was done and the doctor was back. I was ready to begin pushing. They prepped the area and told me what to do. She said to hold your legs back, take a deep breath in and push! I did a “practice” one, and they said I was doing everything right. So we started… 3 breaths and pushes per contraction. When a contraction started, I pushed. Deep breath in, push for 10 seconds. Nick was great at counting for me. Hearing his voice and holding my hand helped me so much… I definitely couldn’t have done it without him.

I pushed and pushed… got to one point where Nick said he could see the head. The nurses were telling me how much hair he had that they could see already {no wonder why I had so much heartburn during my entire pregnancy! 😉 } I pushed and pushed some more. Between contractions, I noticed the nurses kind of scrambling and the doctor mentioned something about the heartbeat. I guess they were having trouble getting a reading. They put the heartbeat reader called a “spiral” on his head {a special device that will read his heartbeat instantly} and his heartbeat was dropping. The doctor turned serious and said “Kendra, we need to get this baby out NOW!”. I could feel the intensity and pushed with all my might, again and again. He still wasn’t coming out fast enough, so the doctor grabbed a device they call a vacuum – a soft or rigid cup with a handle and a vacuum pump {Nick said it looked like a plunger with a pull chord like a lawn mower} – to help get him out quicker. The first one didn’t work well, Nick said… so she got the second one. By this time, the epidural had worn off enough to feel the pressure of his head and position in the birth canal. It still didn’t hurt, but I could definitely feel him. She pulled and I felt his head, then his shoulders, then the pressure was gone… he was out! His umbilical chord was wrapped over his shoulder and was being pinched when sitting in the birth canal, thats why his heart rate was dropping so quickly.

They instantly put him on my chest for skin-to-skin interaction. They say this is the best for babies to bond with their moms. I looked down and could see this head of hair… so much hair! I couldn’t believe he was finally here. The nurses wiped him down and handed the scissors to Nick so he could cut the umbilical chord.

While I was enjoying the moment with my newborn son, the bonding was amazing, having him lay on my chest, feeling him breathe. I couldn’t see his face at the moment but Nick was telling me how perfect he is. He laid on my chest for almost an hour, sleeping peacefully. When he woke up, he was instantly hungry and wanted to feed. The nurse showed me how to breastfeed and we attempted… neither one of us knowing what to do. Its definitely a learning experience for both the baby and the mom to figure it out together and it takes practice! I knew I wanted to do everything in my power to make it work, breast milk is the best for your baby, yourself and your pocket 😉

By this time my mom had arrived, she walked in the door with tears rolling down her face saying “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here in time!” I told her it was perfectly fine… she got here as fast as she could and he wasn’t waiting, he wanted out! Our AMAZING friend Bryan picked her up at the airport for us, we are so thankful! Then everyone started coming in: Nick’s Grammy & Papa and Alex, Nicole & Corbin. They couldn’t wait to see our new little guy!

1 2

One proud dad!:

3 4

Grandma Janice holding Everett for the first time:


Grammy holding Everett for the first time:


Papa holding Everett for the first time:

7 8

Grandma Janice had just flown in from California:

10 11

Getting all cleaned up and an attempt at filing his finger nails:

12 13 14 15 16

Grandpa George holding Everett for the first time:


Poor little guy had a high rating of Jaundice, so they put a UV blanket underneath him, with a UV light above him. He had to wear these goggles like he was in a tanning bed, poor guy hated them. He was not a happy camper as he wanted to be snuggled and held, and we had to leave him in the bed. At least he was in our room with us, so we could hold his hand. He had to be in this for 24 hours:


Getting Everett dressed to go home! Hurray! Thanks to Auntie Erica for the motorcycle onesie… SO CUTE!:


In the carseat, all ready to go home!:


First time in the bassinet, he looks so little!:


Welcome to the world little man!