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Baby Bump: Week 38


Well we are still hanging in there. I thought for sure he would come this week, but he must be pretty cozy in there! He sure kicks me like he wants out… so we will see about this next week. My contractions are getting stronger, some even hurt and I have to start my lamaze breathing techniques. They aren’t very consistent though, thats when things are supposed to really get going.

I had my last day at Paper Source for maternity leave. I think the girls were afraid my water was going to break while at work, so we decided to cut it a few weeks early. I don’t blame them, plus I can rest and get some more organization done around the house {ie. nesting}.

We had our class, “Happiest Baby on the Block” and it was very informative on how to calm a crying baby after you have already fed them and changed their diaper. They give you a DVD to watch on how to do the techniques and I feel like its making me more confident with calming an infant. If you haven’t seen the video, I suggest getting it {its a little dated, but these techniques have been known to work 100% of the time}.

On Saturday, Nick’s cousin Chris was married to his high school sweetheart, Angela and we had the pleasure of attending their beautiful wedding in Boulder, CO. I’m so glad we made it! My nephew Corbin was the ring-bearer and he was just the cutest little thing! He was a party-animal and wanted to stay all night and dance with the other kids, so adorbs! Congratulations to Chris & Angela McGee! We had such a great time! Here’s a few photos:

2014-06-28 17.44.47 2014-06-29 09.31.40 2014-06-29 09.30.092014-06-28 18.54.44


I’m so ready to have this little guy! We are so close…c’mon baby E! We can’t wait to meet you!


California Baby Shower

At 34 weeks I flew out to California for my second baby shower, thrown by my two best friends {from middle/high school}, Laura Lee & Marie Bourns at Marie’s beautiful home in Riverside. Lets just say I was completely blown away by what these two wonderful ladies planned for me and my little E and I am beyond words as to how beautiful and enjoyable the day was! Marie’s yard was just completed a few days before and looked amazing. Every detail was planned to a T, I just couldn’t get over the hand painted vases and little animals, the beautiful flowers and potted plants for party favors. They truly went above and beyond and a HUGE “Thank You” to everyone who came and was involved.

Thank you to Balboa Photography for the event photos. They always do an amazing job!


The guestbook was the little picture with balloons, everyone writes their name on a balloon and attaches it to the picture.. I just LOVE IT!


I also loved the – write on a diaper some words of wisdom – so when we are up in the middle of the night changing a diaper, we can read them. So cute!


Our baby photos on display. Nick is the top row and I am the bottom row. It was so cute to see us both that little and get an idea of what little E is going to look like.


Everyone guessed the birth date, weight and length… we will see who wins!


These little bottle trophies were made for first, second and third place winners. ADORABLE!


A delicious salad bar was made with all different types of salads. It was amazing! Even my grandma made her famous Frog-Eyed Salad… Delish!


Banana Cream Pie is my fav… so they made these individual desserts… Yumm!


… and Laura drove all the way to Redlands to get me Macarons! She’s the best!


I was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts… WOW! We got everything on our list! I couldn’t be more thankful!


Look at these adorable little ones! They were precious!


Laura made me cry… in a good way of course! These girls are so special to me and even though we live 1,000 miles away from each other, when we are together its as if we haven’t spent a day apart! They are amazing and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such wonderful friends in my life!


We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves and everyone explained how they know me. Its sort of funny because 50% of the guests I’ve known since Elementary school and through church growing up… it’s wonderful how these lifelong friends have influenced my life. I am forever grateful!


I love my grandma! She is the strongest woman I know and is such an inspiration to me. I can’t wait for her to meet her new Great-Grandson!


I love these girls!


I love our bumps! Laura is due in September with a baby girl! Little Gracie is going to be a big sister and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jeremiah! XOXO!


We played a trivia game – How well do you know the parents – there were a few that started to get competitive. Haha it was fun!4950515253

My mom started crying… of course! Do you blame her? She’s about to become a Grandma!


Baby bingo was played while I opened gifts! {I love baby bingo!}


I received so many amazing things including this blanket handmade by my Grandma. It’s so special to me, I can’t wait to wrap little E up in it!

Again, thank you to everyone! This journey has been amazing and such a special time of my life! I cannot wait to see what joy this baby boy will bring to Nick and I as we start this adventure of parenthood together. Wish us luck!


Photography: Balboa Photography

Party Rentals {Tent, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Dishes, Flatware}: A&H Rents


Baby Bump: Week 37


Every day we get closer and closer to the big arrival! The end of our pregnancy is very near and both Nick and I are feeling it… preparing and realizing we are soon-to-be parents. We couldn’t be more excited! The nursery is ready, our bags are packed, the carseat is in the car, we have more “baby stuff” than we know what to do with and are so thankful for all of the support we have received.

I’ve been trying to get as much rest as possible. Enjoying the luxury of sleeping in and taking long afternoon naps. We try and take evening walks on a regular basis and my closet selection is becoming very limited… mostly down to only maxi dresses, t-shirts and comfy shorts. Thats definitely all I want to wear anyway! Other than carrying this giant watermelon on the front of me, I actually feel pretty great!

Who knows… my next post might just be the first photos of our little man! I can’t wait!


Kitchen Remodel – The Finale

The kitchen is Done! Finished! Complete! and I’m so excited to finally be posting these photos for you! We started this project in November, right after we moved in and what an adventure. If you haven’t seen the work-in-progress posts, check them out here for part 1 and here for part 2! I couldn’t be more proud of the work Nick has done and doing 98% of the work himself! A HUGE thank you and shout out to Bryan Murray, Alex Stewart & George Stewart for helping install the cabinets, Ray Broker for helping Nick with the handles and microwave install and Chris Luebbers for working on the electrical.

Anyway… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! Oh and be sure to check out the end of the post for the before & afters! What a difference!

Stewart Kitchen Remodel_01 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_02 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_03 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_04 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_05 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_06 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_07 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_08 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_09 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_10 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_11 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_12 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_13 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_14 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_15 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_16 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_17 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_18 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_19 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_20 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_21 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_22 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_23 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_24 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_26 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_25 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_27 Stewart Kitchen Remodel_28














Baby Stewart’s Nursery

The Nursery is finally done, and so are the photos! I’ve been asked for photos since I got pregnant and I apologize for taking so long, but it has been a process. There are so many adorable nursery styles and themes out there, but the thing that sold me was the faux deer head! I originally wanted the big one {this one} for over the crib, but when thinking about the mobile and collage wall, I went a slightly different route. I’m calling this theme: “Woodland Meets Geometric” or “Whimsical Woodland”.

The colors for the nursery was the easiest and surprisingly the first thing I picked out. My fav colors are mint and gray and have been for over a year {yes, they change frequently}. I knew they would be perfect for a little boy’s nursery, so once we found out the gender of our little one, I quickly got to work! I picked the paint color first {which is actually an interior design no-no}, but I found this muted mint color and fell in love. Interior Design 101 – Designing around a paint color is so much more difficult than picking a paint color to match your decor. Luckily enough, I found the bedding that would coordinate perfectly and the rest came together.

StewartNursery_01 StewartNursery_02

We ordered the rocker and that took {what seamed like} FOREVER! I wanted something that both Nick and I would be comfortable in and could plan on sleeping in, if needed. Whats great about this chair {and well worth the price} is it is a “convertible rocker” – basically, the rocker legs come off and stationary legs go on, to make the chair great for our living room years down the road.

Originally, I was going to make the curtains, but then realized the task was much bigger than any You-Tube Sewing tutorial I could learn off of, so I found some others I liked just as much {pre-made} here.

I had my eye on the silver leather pouf online for months… one day I walked into ZGallerie and they had this one – ON SALE – plus 50% off! What a steal! That was an exciting day for sure!

The mobile above the rocker is little silver planes and this hung in my Grandma and Grandpa’s bedroom for as long as I can remember. It’s so special to me and reminds me of them, I knew I had to include it in my little boy’s nursery!


I came across this little Mustache pillow on the clearance rack at Paper Source. A totally random find, but I loved it so had to have it! Gotta have a Mustache in my Little Man’s room.


The dresser is a vintage dresser that was actually my mom’s when she was a baby. Then I used it when I was a baby, and my brother as well. Between storage and a few other households in the family, its been well taken care of and was in great shape. We just had it repainted and it looks fab!


I found these adorable little wooden owl knobs at Hobby Lobby with 50% off, talk about perfect, right? I <3 them!

StewartNursery_06 StewartNursery_07

We got so many books from our showers that I had to put them on display! I love reading books to little kids and can’t wait to read to my own!


I’ve had these blocks forever, I bought them years ago on Etsy as newborn photo props and decided to display them in the nursery as well with his initials. I’m not giving away his name to the internet world yet… we will announce it when he’s born!

StewartNursery_09 StewartNursery_10

I found this idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it, although they did wood burning and I just wanted to write on them. After a witch hunt to find these wooden plaques, I found them at Michaels of all places {thank you Whitney}! Both Nick and I decided on two Bible verses and I went to work.



I had been looking for a big “E” to hang in with this collection and actually found this one at the A Paris Street Market at Aspen Grove from a vendor that makes his own furniture. Such a great score!


The crib and changing table are Pottery Barn Kids. I originally had another crib picked out on, then got a PBK catalog in the mail with this crib ON SALE, and was actually cheaper than the one I had picked out. Knowing the quality of PBK and the sale price, we couldn’t resist! I loved how gender-neutral it is so we can reuse it for however many times we need to and its pretty modern, which is what we were looking for.


The mobile was definitely a project and I loved that Nick helped me strategically plan this thing out so that the antler and each ornament spin, making it a realistic mobile. The antler is kind of heavy, so we had to make sure it was tied up really well and don’t worry… it is! The antler is from ZGallerie and the ornaments, I found on Etsy {they made the owl one special just for me}.


Who doesn’t love a JellyCat Woodland Owl? He’s so soft and precious, I just couldn’t resist!


I immediately fell in love with this bedding because it has all of my colors and I love the triangles, but I’m a little disappointed with the shop I bought it from, because it took 3 promises of delivery, and didn’t happen… this is why this post is delayed. Anyway, my suggestion is to find a fabric that you like and try to make them yourself! Thats what I’m going to do next time! Remember: no bumpers and frou frou fabric or blankets, pillows, etc… SIDS is a very serious occurrence that can happen and your babies can suffocate… they say nothing in the crib but the flat sheet for at least the first year of life. {Obviously we will take the stuffed animal out when he arrives}.


The changing table, we actually found on Craigslist and purchased it from this wonderful couple who didn’t need it anymore. {Thank God for Craigslist!}


I loved organizing the closet. We had talked about re-doing the whole thing to have shelves and lots of storage, etc. but honestly, we have enough work to do around here. I found this idea on Pinterest to buy the Ikea bookshelf and that helped out a lot. We’ll take it for now!


VOILA! It’s finally finished and ready for our little guy to come and enjoy it! We can’t wait!



A great way to figure out a design is to create a storyboard… here’s mine:

Boy Nursery_2

 1. Silver Deer Head  |  2. Paint  |  3. Real Wood Plaque  |  4. Print & Frame  |  5. Jellycat Owl

6. Silver Deer Antler  |  7. Real Wood Creature Ornaments  |  8. Crib  |  9. Sheets  |  10. Owl Knobs

11. Wingback Convertible Rocker  |  12. Mustache Pillow {Paper Source}  |  13. Baskets

14. Silver Leather Poof {Z Gallerie} |  15. White Faux Rug  |  16. Trash Can



Baby Bump: Week 36


Only 4 weeks to go! We are getting close! I met with the doctor just the other day and she said he’s ready… any day now! I’m already 1 cm dilated and my mucus plug fell out {if you don’t know what that is… you can look it up. It’s a little TMI for non-mom ears}. They say about 2-3 weeks from that point… so get ready for this little man, he might not wait much longer!

He’s starting to get heavy. I pretty much hold my belly wherever I go and of course, getting up and down has it’s challenges. Forget bending over! Although, if I absolutely have to, I look like a sumo-wrestler in stance for a match.

Our bags are packed and we took a tour of the hospital so that we know where to go. We had a class on Infant Care, learning how to swaddle, bathe, wipe and all the ins & outs of taking care of our little one. I definitely suggest taking as many classes as you can when preparing for your first baby because you think you have a clue… but you don’t! haha!


We made the mobile:

2014-06-05 19.52.47 2014-06-05 19.53.03


…and Installed the carseat/bases:

carseatcarseatcarseat carseat


We are ready!!!


Baby Bump: Week 35


Only 5 more weeks to go and we are getting more and more ready! Last week I had my “California Shower” and flew out for the weekend to take our maternity photos and have my shower with family and closest friends. My two best friends since middle school, Laura and Marie threw me a GORGEOUS Shower, I can’t wait to see the photos and share them!

I’ve been having practice contractions, also known as Braxton-Hicks Contractions where your uterus starts practicing its tightening and movements to get baby out. They haven’t been too bad, there have just been a few where I had to sit down for a moment, take some deep breaths and drink some water. They are supposed to become more frequent as we get closer to arrival.

My belly sure has been stretching out and its very uncomfortable. Its also starting to get heavy, where at times, I feel the need to cradle it. Sleeping has its ups and downs. Some nights are good and some nights are rough. Its expected, though. My body pillow has come in handy more now than ever before, as my belly needs support when I sleep.

He hasn’t “dropped” yet, I’m still waiting for that day, but he sure moves around a lot.

We have our baby care class coming up next week and the hospital tour the week after. We are starting to get anxious! 😀


Things left to do in the nursery:

– Hang the mobile

– Get shelves for the closet and reinforce to the wall

– Bedding arrives on Wednesday

– Touch up Baseboards

– Finish Laundry

– Put everything away, in its “spot” and get organized


For this next week:

– Pack bags for the hospital

– Install Carseat/bases in both cars


Prego Brain Fail

I’ve pretty much had “Prego brain” since the moment I knew I was pregnant, but tonights “incident” tops it all! I was so excited to have a bowl of ice cream tonight as I knew there was a brand new gallon of Blue Bell Pecan Pralines n Cream in the freezer and couldn’t wait to have some. I even ate a little less dinner to save room! I get my bowl down from the cupboard and open the freezer… where is the ice cream? I have this “oh shit” moment and freeze. Could it possibly still be in the car from going to the grocery store? Nick and I dash to the garage to find yes, the gallon of ice cream {of course nothing else} under the back seat of the jeep… melted! What a disaster! Nick spent a good half hour cleaning it all up, bless his heart! The worst part is… no Pecan Pralines n Cream! Sad day!