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Baby Bump: Week 29


Our little guy is mostly just growing now, gaining fat and bulking up. I have really slowed down this week. I will have a list of all of these errands and chores to do and can’t even get half way through without pooping out. The doc says everything is on track and I’m actually “under” weight, which I find hard to believe. Especially when I see the photos from last week to this week and how much bigger my belly is. I’m definitely eating every 2-3 hours as I’m hungry all the time, I just can’t eat a ton at one time.

Its getting a lot harder to bend over and pick things up. Especially trying to get dressed and reaching down to put my pants on – very difficult! Forget about trying to trim my toe nails… its pedicures from here on out!

One of the most unbearable things this week has been the heartburn I’m experiencing. It would pretty much start with the first thing I eat or drink in the morning until I go to bed at night. It was absolutely horrible. I started taking some heartburn medicine and it has helped a ton! Thank goodness!

Did someone say Kankles? LOL, yes, I officially have kankles and my feet are swollen. I can’t fit into more than half of my shoes {sad day!} but my most wonderful mom took me shoe shopping and I was able to get some new great ones! Time to put my feet up and keep them elevated.

Even though I wouldn’t say Pregnancy is easy by any means, just feeling him move around and knowing he is on his way is pure joy!

Nick and I put together the crib and had a “moment” of reality {yes, we held each other and cried with joyful tears}.

2014-04-26 22.44.41 2014-04-26 22.44.57

The room is starting to come together. The dresser and bassinet we are using were actually my mom’s when she was a baby and then both my brother and I had them when we were babies. They both needed a new paint job, so they are being refinished by The Little Black Chair here in Centennial, CO. They will be ready to be picked up on Wednesday and I can’t wait to see them!

Here are the before photos:

2014-02-06 13.12.25


2014-04-09 21.12.15

Then, I finally got an update on my rocker I ordered from Pottery Barn Kids in January. It’s been a nightmare of a process as it originally said 8-10 weeks, and then I got a message for delivery in June {not happy!}. Finally, I got a call that they are delivering it this Sunday, hurray! I sure hope so as I am eager to get it!



I had my shower in Colorado today and it was so much fun!! I feel so blessed with the amount of friends and family I have that support us and our little man. Everyone is so excited and it shows with the huge amount of gifts I received. {Photos to come}.

This experience of pregnancy and starting a family is amazing and I’m loving every minute of it!


It’s a Doggy-Dog World

We have the most hilarious dog! Nick and I have really been noticing how funny she has been acting lately and I’m not sure if its because she’s getting older {almost 6}, or if she notices something “changing” with the baby coming… but she makes us laugh on a regular basis.

Harley goes to bed between 8 and 9pm, wether we are with her or not. Sometimes she will stand and stare at us like she wants something, then when we get up to see what that is, she runs towards the bedroom. On the other end, she will stay in bed until 9, sometimes 10 am. One morning, I had to go into the bedroom to wake her up.

She will also come and get us to turn the light on in the kitchen so she can eat or drink.

Since I’ve been pregnant, we kicked her out of our bed and she sleeps in her own bed now. Although, she is allowed to lay in our bed until I am completely ready to go to sleep, then I will put her in her bed. Lately, she started going to her bed on her own.

Harley will also bring her “baby” to bed with her. Her favorite toy right now is “Hootie” which is a stuffed owl. When she lays on the couch, she puts “Hootie” like a pillow under her head. Its hilarious!

She recently got a very silly haircut. My mom was in town when we went to pick her up and when we got in the car, we laughed so hard for about 15 minutes that both of us were sitting there crying, laughing and feeling so sorry for our little pup. She looked like an entirely new dog.

2014-04-09 23.24.17_1

She’s our little princess! Oh Harley, how we love you!


Happy Easter

Today, we had a wonderful time going to church with Nick’s Grammy and Papa, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Rick and Alex, Nicole and Corbin. Then we had an amazing brunch at Cheryl’s house. It was so beautiful and relaxing, and a great time with family!

2014-04-20 09.33.28 2014-04-20 09.57.42


Even Corbin was able to go on a few easter egg hunts in their backyard.

2014-04-20 10.47.51

But the most meaning of the day is:

2014-04-20 13.44.58




Baby Bump: Week 28


This week has been nuts! I can definitely feel my belly getting bigger and bigger. Its a bit of a stretching – pressure feeling. To prevent stretch marks, I’m lathering on the coconut oil that my hairdresser told me to get and it works great! I really don’t like some of the cocoa butters because of how sticky they are. He’s still pretty low so I finally ordered a support belt that I can wear under my clothes and that seems to help a lot! Apparently, he is settling into his “proper position” of head facing downwards and can blink, cough, suck and take practice breaths. {SO COOL!}. His sleep also includes the REM phase, so he could be dreaming. Hopefully he’s dreaming about meeting us, cause I sure dream about meeting him!

Our little guy started hiccuping and its such a strange feeling, but he gets them about once {sometimes twice} a day. Also my heartburn is through the roof… it seems like I drink a glass of water and get heartburn. Some days I have heartburn from the first thing I eat/drink in the morning until I go to bed. I really have to watch what I eat and stay away from spicy and tomato foods.

Since I hit my 3rd trimester mark, I can totally feel it… I’ve slowed down a lot. It takes me a while to get ready in the morning, up and out of bed, turning over, getting from point A to point B, and especially getting in and out of the car. My belly is starting to “get in the way” of things… like doing the dishes, washing my hands, sliding in and out of spaces that normally you would “suck in” to get through, and my workspace:


My feet are swollen and I can barely fit into my 8 size shoes. At this point, I’m just praying my shoe size will go back to normal after the baby is born, but from what I hear, that typically doesn’t happen.

I worked all week at Paper Source, as I’m still in training/merchandising mode. We were able to get into the store and start unboxing and putting things in their place. You have to see what I did the other day… this is the boxed stationery wall {isn’t she a ‘beaut’?}:

2014-04-19 16.53.11


The store opens on Friday so you ALL have to come and check us out at Southglenn!

The bathroom is coming along, Nick is still tiling so I probably won’t post it until we have everything finished. In the meantime, we are trying to get the house ready for the shower which is next weekend and I’m getting started on the Nursery this week too! Lots to do, its so exciting!

Until next time…xoxo!


Baby Bump: Week 27



I have reached the 3rd trimester and I cannot believe I am ⅓ of the way through! Time flies when you are having fun and I’ve actually been enjoying my pregnancy other than the few days I have heartburn and occasional nights I can’t sleep. He’s still kicking like crazy and now I can really see my stomach move. He’s also gotten the hiccups quite often, which is really a funny feeling. I did notice doing dishes last night that I have to bend over the sink now because my belly gets in the way. Haha! I might have to buy a stool or just have Nick do the dishes from now on!

The bathroom remodel is coming along. Nick has been working on the tile work for the floor and the shower, as well as painting the walls and bead board. The countertop is scheduled to be installed tomorrow, then we can really get to work and hopefully most of it will be done this weekend! Woohoo… almost there!

I started my job at Paper Source this week and for 3 weeks, we are in training mode which is full time – something I wasn’t anticipating but I’m trucking through it. Its so much fun though, and such great job. I love all of the women I work with and the store is literally down the street from my house, so there is no commute! The store will open on April 25th, so my days right now are jam packed full of crafting, learning how to use a lot of the tools we sell, learning the product stories along with the lines of custom printing {which is right up my ally!} So excited!


The Icing on the Cake

Finally, we got our light in for the kitchen – the finishing touch to our Kitchen Remodel! Now I can officially take the finale photos and post! Hurray! My wonderful husband installed it today while I was at work and literally when I walked in the kitchen, my heart stopped! It is absolutely beautiful.

{this photo does NOT do it any justice!}



Don’t Drink The Water

Literally the day after we found out our good friends Bryan and Tracie were pregnant with their second, Nick and I found out we were pregnant. Then Alex {Nick’s Brother} and Nicole found out they were also pregnant with their second, 3 weeks later. Seriously… don’t drink the water! Haha, its been fun keeping track of each other’s pregnancies and how each of us are different, but ALL having boys!! Next year will be really fun! Hurray!

Tracie is due May 16th  .  Kendra is due July 12th  .  Nicole is due August 1st

_MG_9264 _MG_9272

Even the guys decided to show off their bellies too:


_MG_9289 _MG_9309

So jealous of that beer right now!


Paper Source Employee

Today I started my job at Paper Source and I’m so excited! The Centennial store will be opening on the 25th so today we had orientation. I got to meet the girls I’ll be working with, we filled out all of the necessary paperwork, had lunch and then spent the afternoon putting together craft kits. Here’s a few that I made:

2014-04-08 14.56.46 2014-04-08 15.23.41 2014-04-08 15.23.13


The Last 7 Days – Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

Well, what started as a small project of replacing “big blue” our 1950’s porcelain blue toilet, with a new one… turned into gutting and remodeling our entire bathroom. Here was our week:

Sunday – Mission: Replace toilet

2014-03-30 11.16.08


Here’s what we found {EWWW GROSS!}:

2014-03-30 14.15.24


The floor was rotted through, the flange was rusted and breaking and there were definitely signs of mold so its a good thing we decided to do this BEFORE the baby comes!

Here’s a few photos of the rest of the bathroom:

2014-03-30 14.15.18 2014-03-30 14.15.39 2014-03-30 14.15.42 2014-03-30 14.15.53 2014-03-30 14.15.57 2014-03-30 14.16.03 2014-03-30 14.42.31


Then Nick really started ripping stuff out:

2014-03-30 14.51.58 2014-03-30 15.23.11 2014-03-30 16.32.42 2014-03-30 16.32.44 2014-03-30 16.32.49 2014-03-31 10.14.23 2014-03-31 10.14.39


Tuesday – Our electrician came out and helped us put in some new electrical. I’m so excited to have some light in this bathroom, plus a fan!

Wednesday – Nicks brother Alex came out and helped him take out the tub and pick up the new tub at good ‘ol Home Depot:

photophoto 1 photo 2 photo 3

Thursday – The plumber came and updated the shower plumbing, tub drain and the toilet nastiness. Nick helped him install the new tub. Also, Nick put in insulation on the exterior wall {the only insulation in the entire house} and installed the pre-made inset boxes in the shower.

Friday/Monday – The drywall guys came out and started putting stuff back together including Durock cement board in the shower.

2014-04-07 11.00.14 2014-04-07 11.00.20 2014-04-07 11.00.26 2014-04-07 11.00.36 2014-04-07 11.00.41 2014-04-07 11.00.48 2014-04-07 11.00.53


Also, while all of this was being done, we managed to pick out the floor tile, shower tile and accent glass tile for the shower, insets and backsplash. As well as the shower and sink fixtures, paint color, light fixtures and mirror. Here’s the plan:

Bathroom Storyboard

Wall Sconces  |  Mirror  |  Sink  | Faucet  |  Paint Color  |  Bead Board/Trim  |  Toilet  |  Glass Tile  |  Wall Tile  |  Shower/Tub Fixture  |  Floor Tile


Whew! What a whirlwind! Stay tuned for the next steps and we will see how it works out!