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Kitchen Remodel – Part 2

Nick and his friend Bryan {who is a home-remodel expert}, installed the cabinets:

2013-12-01 09.38.032013-12-01 11.05.572013-12-01 11.36.45 2013-12-01 11.38.08 2013-12-01 12.51.43 2013-12-01 14.51.08 2013-12-01 20.55.23 2013-12-01 20.55.322013-12-01 09.38.13 2013-12-01 14.51.15 2013-12-01 20.55.43



The countertop installer came to measure once all of the cabinets were in place and level. Then it was 2 weeks until installation. We definitely liked the lighter – gray granite. We found this granite at The Granite Source in Centennial called “White Cashmere” and our sink is a single basin made of black granite composite:

2013-11-04 12.41.54



Then finally, it was installed:

2013-12-17 12.11.18 2013-12-17 14.53.37 2013-12-17 14.54.39 2013-12-17 14.57.27 2013-12-17 15.02.35



The hot water dispenser is a MUST. My mom has had one for years and I’ve always wanted one. Since we have a cold water dispenser on the fridge, we didn’t need both, but they make those also! Everything was installed JUST before Thanksgiving! Thank goodness for having our kitchen finally functional!

While my mom and her boyfriend Ray were in town visiting for the holiday, Nick and Ray installed the chrome handles on the cabinets:

2013-12-24 16.21.29



Then they installed the microwave:

2013-12-26 16.16.02



We decided to take a few months off of working on the kitchen and rest. I also wanted to find the perfect backsplash and I knew this could take some time. We went back to The Tile Shop and found a long subway tile in marble that originally we wanted to install in a herringbone pattern as displayed in their shop:

2013-12-27 10.45.06 2013-12-27 10.45.19



Isn’t it amazing? Well after much contemplation on how to actually install this pattern, we decided to nix the herringbone and just go with a classic subway look. I love the herringbone, but theres something just so timeless about the subway and I’m really happy with it:

2014-01-20 12.41.50 2014-01-20 12.42.02 2014-01-20 12.45.47 2014-01-20 16.11.44 2014-01-20 16.11.48 2014-01-20 16.11.52 2014-01-20 16.42.47 2014-01-20 17.33.08 2014-01-25 13.44.51 2014-01-25 13.45.02 2014-02-15 11.20.19



We also replaced the tiles in the window sill with a custom wood one:

2014-02-18 17.58.23


Now… with this wall! Ugh! It had 50’s wallpaper, then a layer of paint, then 70’s wallpaper. Talk about a nightmare! Nick wanted to just take the wall down and put up new drywall and honestly, that probably would have been much easier. Instead, we both spent hours scraping wallpaper and sanding to get the wall as flat as possible. It actually turned out pretty good!

2014-03-10 18.45.062014-03-15 13.31.45 2014-03-15 13.32.042014-03-16 18.32.57

To be continued…



Kitchen Remodel – Part 1

Since we moved in on Nov. 2nd, our kitchen has been the main project of our house. Thank goodness it’s finally done!! The worst thing is living without a kitchen for however many months, and being forced to eat out or do your dishes in the bathroom sink. Everything is unorganized and the construction leaves your house a disaster! This is what we got to go through:

Here is a recap on how it looked before we moved in:

WellingtonHouse_04 WellingtonHouse_05 WellingtonHouse_06 WellingtonHouse_07


First, we opened the doorway:

2013-11-03 12.15.48 2013-11-04 16.36.14


Then Nick Demo’d the rest:

2013-11-21 09.55.58 2013-11-22 08.38.50 2013-11-22 08.38.58 2013-11-22 08.43.52 2013-11-22 08.44.04 2013-11-22 08.45.14 2013-11-22 08.45.21 2013-11-22 10.38.35


We ran into a little problem when we ripped out the dishwasher. For whatever reason, when they re-modeled the kitchen in the 70’s, they tiled the dishwasher in, so it wouldn’t just roll out of its cubby. We then figured out why when Nick pulled up on the dishwasher to get it out of its spot, the water was connected only by a copper pipe and the pipe pulled right out of its joint in the floor, causing the water to flood down to our basement. Talk about five minutes of PANIC and chaos!! Lesson of that day: Turn off the water whenever doing ANYTHING in your kitchen or bathrooms before you get started, you never know how things are connected!


Next: Replacing the drywall {Nick has done this before!}:

2013-11-22 12.40.13


In the meantime, our cabinets arrived:

2013-11-22 13.57.37


Everything is fully demo’d and we had a few drywall guys come in to patch/mud the wall:

2013-11-24 10.47.22 2013-11-24 10.47.31 2013-11-24 11.03.59 2013-11-24 11.04.13 2013-11-24 11.04.18


Next: Tile the floor. We originally picked out something light-colored, until I had the vision of a dark floor against the white cabinets and we came across this beautiful ceramic tile called Titanium Negro in the 12×24 size. I absolutely LOVE the metallic finish!

2013-11-11 18.39.51

Here’s how it came out:

2013-11-24 11.46.01 2013-11-25 15.10.42 2013-11-25 15.15.18 2013-11-26 09.56.28 2013-11-26 09.56.43-1 2013-11-26 12.51.02 2013-11-27 15.22.13 2013-11-28 18.30.45


To be continued…


The Crib

After much back and forth about cribs… do we get a convertible? how much should we spend? what color? etc… Here were our thoughts:

PRICE: We figured around $300-$400 was a good “middle of the road” price range for cribs. They start at $100 {IKEA} and go to over $1,000 {Layla Grayce} including the much-drooled-over Kardashian Acrylic Crib of $4,000 {Nursery Works} YIKES! It definitely needs to be safe, but you can get a safe crib at a decent price.

CONVERTIBLE: There are cribs that convert to a toddler bed, and some that go all the way to a full or queen bed. I think the 4-in-1 are great if you are having one child and/or are limited on space for storage. Personally, I don’t like the 4-in-1 option because I couldn’t find a crib where I loved the “headboard” and “footboard” conversion. Plus, we are planning on having more kids {don’t quote me on this until after our first child is born}, so I thought it was best to buy ONE crib, that can be used for all of our children. The plan would be, once our first is out of the toddler bed, then we will buy him a twin/kids bed and use the crib for the next one. With this thinking, I wanted a crib that is gender-neutral, simple and timeless.

On the internet, this was my first choice: The Babyletto Hudson Crib in White. I have seen it ALL over Pinterest {see my Nursery Design board} and thought it was simple, timeless, has clean lines and is so cute! Once Nick and I saw it in person, we thought it actually looked kind of cheap… and for a $400 crib, we just didn’t feel right about it.


Our second choice was The Babyletto Mercer Crib in White, which we did see in person and thought it was so much better in quality and construction than the Hudson. Although, I wasn’t IN LOVE with the drawer at the bottom… it would save on having to buy a crib skirt, which can get pricey!


We were ready to buy the Mercer, when I got a catalog for Pottery Barn Kids and the Kendall Crib was on sale for $399 {from $599} and I thought that was a GREAT DEAL! I ended up having a coupon for 15% off too, so that saved even more! It actually came out cheaper then either of the other cribs… so it pays to wait for a great deal!



Hurray! We picked it up, but won’t put it together until we paint. I cannot wait to see it in our nursery! Stay tuned for photos.


Baby Bump: Week 24



The size of a cantaloupe? Wowza! He is a growing machine at a whopping 1.5 lbs and getting bigger every day, putting on fat that will make his chubby cheeks the cutest! All of his organs are fully formed, now they just have to grow along with his bones. It’s still crazy to think theres a tiny human inside of me. I definitely have to do a double take every time I walk by a mirror. I still can’t eat a full meal, it makes me sick when I “over eat”. I don’t understand how those women say they ate an entire gallon of ice cream… it just couldn’t happen with me!

This was a fun week! My best friend Laura was in town visiting, only for 24 hrs but I’ll take any time with that girl I can get! She brought her daughter Grace with her and we just had a blast! My Aunt Marcia was also in town and we were able to get together for lunch one day. It was great to see her also! We picked up our crib and bought paint for the nursery. I ordered the crib mattress too, so hopefully that will arrive next week.


Top 10 Baby Products {via Lacey}

I asked my friend Lacey what her “Top 10 Baby Products” were when she had precious little Lilah in August 2013. Here’s what she said:

  • Fisher Price Swing
  • Sleep sacks by HALO
  • Sleep and plays by Carters
  • Magic Bullet for Homemade Baby Food
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Gas Drops or Gripe Water
  • Blankies of all thicknesses for the seasons
  • Pacifier clips
  • Portable changing pad that has a place for diapers and wipes {for public places}
  • Humidifier

This is what I found:

Fisher Price Swing | Sleep Sacks by HALO | Carters Sleep & Plays | Magic Bullet | Boppy Pillow | Gas DropsGripe Water  | Blankies | Pacifier Clips | Portable Changing Pad | Humidifier

Lacey’s list was so helpful because these items are definitely needed here in Colorado with the dry and unpredictable climate! Thanks girl!


Baby Bump: Week 23


This little man is the size of a grapefruit this week! He moves around mostly in the morning, at night and right after I eat. He can hear our voices and can actually cover his ears when its too loud. We’ve been working on the kitchen remodel this week, so I’m sure there have been plenty of loud and strange noises for him to hear. He has been sitting very low, so I was guided to buy a Maternity Support Belt and so far its helps a lot!

We decided on a color for the nursery and purchased all of the paint. Hopefully we can get started on that project next weekend after our Kitchen is fully completed. First things first, right? …and we are so close to being finished!

I am totally nesting right now too. I spent an entire day going through boxes in the basement and organizing everything. Also, I received my very first sewing machine as a gracious gift and took a “Machine 101” class to learn how to use it. I cannot wait to get started on burp cloths and swaddle blankets. My goal is to make the curtains for the nursery before our baby boy arrives. Any pointers?



Friday Finds: Bump Nest

I don’t know how pregnant women sleep without a pregnancy pillow! This is a MUST-HAVE from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way through! This isn’t just any pillow, it is specifically made to shape your ever-changing body and help you sleep.

I found this site through Lexi at The Proper Pinwheel {see post here}. I ordered the Pacific Peacock cover, although if you want, you can add more covers to your order.

Bumpnest Photo Bumpnest Photo 1

The price is a little more than the other pillows, but its worth it! What sold me with bumpnest vs. some of the other brands is the fact that the pillow is machine washable along with the other features listed here:

Bumpnest InfoBumpnest Info


I’ve had the pillow now for 2 months and LOVE it! I would suggest getting an extra cover, so that when you wash one, you can instantly put on the other in case you need a nap.




Our Home: Before Move-in

In October 2013, we purchased a 1959 brick ranch-style home in Centennial, Colorado. The original owners sold it to us and took great care throughout the years. It was remodeled in the 70’s in a “southwestern” theme and they finished the basement with a full wet bar and a built-in dance floor! These people sure liked to party! So we knew it was a great fit!

As a designer, I have the (so blessed) ability to picture a space with how I want it to look and this definitely came in handy with this house (no offense to the previous owner). I plan to post room-by-room remodel photos so you can see the transformation.

Here are the photos from before we moved in:


Living Room {right when you walk in the door}:



Dining Room:




My Office:


{Soon to be} Nursery:


Master Bedroom:


Main Bath {don’t you just love the porcelain blue?}:


Basement Bedroom 1:


Basement Bedroom 2:


Basement Storage Room:


Basement Bath:


Basement Party Room {with full wet bar and dance floor, YES!}:


Patio & Backyard:


Thank you for taking a tour through our home before we moved in! It really is a diamond in the rough and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done!